This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


As I was picking up around the house, so I could get out the door; I looked over and saw that Ike was getting himself all set for Fathers and Sons .....backpack,pull-up hidden underneath a swimsuit and some cars. I couldn't resist making a quick post. The anticipation has been building ever since Tom told him about it. We purposely don't tell him about upcoming events too far in advance.
At every nightly tuck-in: "You wanna talk about Father's and Sons?" This is his first campout and he doesn't quite know what to expect. He is planning on catching wildlife and sneaking it in the tent with he and Bret(cousin). He wants to catch a bat and put it in Cole's sleeping bag. He has his backpack ready to fill and dug out his favorite fishing hat, because he is "going to catch some great fish and bring them home for Mom to cook or just put in our swimming pool and watch 'em swim around and stuff." Or he'll bring me some real pretty crystals, because "When you camp you find these crystals all over the ground." He thinks he is going off to the emerald city and the possiblibities are endless. We've tried to lower the expectations. We've broken the bad news that he probably won't see but one or two animals, and that there won't be any bats to sneak into Cole's sleeping bag. Mom really loves small pretty rocks instead of crystals.
He will have fun just being with his dad, Uncle Clint, Cole and Bret. Just one more sleep!