This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Cole says goodbye to Gluten

Because Celiac Disease is genetic, I had Cole and Meg tested last week. We are going to wait until Isaac is older or showing symptoms. The tests are not as accurate when they are younger.
Today we found out that Cole has Celiac's too. He took the news like a champ and is willing to do anything if it will help him grow and live a healthier life. We already eat gluten-free dinners, as a family, so I'm not as stressed about it. The junior high lunch options will be trickier.
I am making a trip out to Whole Foods tomorrow. I went to Sprouts and Trader Joe's today. I have to say that living gluten-free is much easier with all the options & food labeling that is out there. Our favorite pizza , Spinato's, has a gluten-free menu.

We will have a funeral tonite for some of his favorites:

1. Taco Bell bean burrito (his all-time favorite food since he was 4)

2. Cole's "No-bake" cookies.

3. Cole's homemade Sunday rolls

4. Blueberry muffins

5. Spinach pasta

He is now going to start learning and perfecting some new gluten-free items. Good thing he has Summer to collaborate with.
Thanks Lori for the flourless macaroon recipe that he loved so much at your house. Those cookies helped soften the blow!


Good Reading

"I find television to be very educating.
Every time somebody turns on the set,
I go in the other room and read a book. "

~Groucho Marx

I love reading. I love to see my children reading. I love to read what my children read, but sometimes that doesn't always happen. Check out the literate mother(thanks Ruth). It provides a rating system from 0-5 based on sexual content, language, adult themes, and violence. It is also a great place to find a recommendation.


What's Going On....

With Easter approaching.....we've been playing rabbits. I am usually the farmer that catches him eating the crops and he scurries away to his burrow. Most of the time I am just the nice mommy rabbit that feeds him carrots.

Successfully made it to our favorite FHE destination "Water and Ice" this week. Last week we did a u-turn and headed back home because apparently it was impossible for all four kids to sit close to one another without bugging each other.

Saturday chores. We had heaps of leaves from all the windy days we've had. Sometimes these big beautiful trees we inherited with this house are a pain. But why complain when I have these great little workers to help clean them up.

Many scooter expeditions. This was the biggest hit for Christmas this year. Cole is good about sharing it with everyone, including his little pachyderm.

We are into cheese egg whites these days. I know.... we replace one cholesterol fattening part for the other. But we are back on an egg and Star Wars kick. There is always a light saber war being fought.

I might go as far to claim that these two can play happily for longer periods of time.

A very sad Meg lost her beloved parakeet to the gift of flight. She is now trying to train her new, very stubborn, parakeet "Fiji."

Meg is a pro at potato peeling and Cole at rolls. They help me out every Sunday.

Neighborhood Hacky Sack


The Smart Girl's Guide

Meg and I are reading this book together at night and it is such a darling helpful book. It takes all sorts of situations and explains the polite way to handle them. It is so cute! I love the American Girl self-help books. They have all sorts of topics ranging from How to get along with my sister, learning how to manage money, standing up for yourself, to clutter control 101. I have found some of them at Target ranging from $3-8.
Thanks to Meg for doing this little reenactment pose.


Summer's Got Her Groove Back

It has been 3 weeks of gluten-free living and what a difference it has made. I just want to shout out my gratitude from the rooftops. I am grateful for a doctor that didn't just dismiss it as stress. I am grateful that we caught it early. I am grateful that she has embraced this new way to eat. I am grateful for restaurants and brands that are offering "gluten-free" options. I am grateful for all the great suggestions, tips, recipes, and support. I am grateful that she looks at some of her "old" favorites and puts a smile on ---"I am strong and don't need that anymore!" I am grateful for the amazing difference it has made in her. If I had any doubts about the correlation between what we put into our bodies and how we feel, those are dissolved.
This picture, although dark, just captures the change in her. She has so much more energy now. She goes out and hits tennis balls every day and up until it gets dark. She has decided to put her new found energy into tennis.