This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



Well Tom surprised the family,
including his wife and decision-making partner,
with a new ride.
I think he knew what my answer would be, so he didn't ask.

They call it Philmore.

Ike had a part to play in Griff's Ninja Turtle party.
 He was "Shredder" the arch nemisis to the Ninja Turtles.
The turtles were sent on a quest to retrieve all of Griff's lost birthday presents.

 This determined band of super heroes were armed with weapons.
I did hear a little yelp escape from Shredder when he saw what was heading his way.

They tied him up with ropes and brought their prisoner home.

Back at home and in the bounce house, 
Ike realized he better get out of this Shredder costume.

My sweet and fun Grandpa B
 has been having a few health problems this month-
but what a trooper. 
He never lost his great sense of humor through the hospital stay. 
In fact, he loved all the different nurses and doctors he could tell his jokes and one-liners to.
We will be celebrating his 90th birthday in January with a big family party.

We are right in the thick of Cole's club volleyball season and you can find us at the tournaments almost every Saturday afternoon.

 Setting for Right Side Hitter

We had a family carving party on the Monday night before Halloween.
This was the only way pumpkins were getting carved this year.  
It is not my thing, but if you make a party out of it - I'm on board.

Carving is not really my kids thing either but
 every childhood must include this 
peculiar tradition.  

Ruth was a genius for taking this stinky goopy stringy mess.
Just a white pumpkin, black sharpie, and plastic spiders.

Hollyn Cowley and Summer

Dave and Sophie Collins

Our line-up of misfits

Cowleys, Collins, Frosts, Halls, Norbergs, Ahlstroms, and Breinholts

Halloween Carnival
For over 15 years, our neighborhood has held a carnival on the evening of Halloween.
There is always a great turn-out and it is the perfect way to see all your neighbors in their costumes.
It is usually held from 4:30-6 so you can be home to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

Hot Dogs and Chili are complimentary

Our church youth run several game booths:
Basketball and Football throws, Fishing Pond, Bounce House,
Ghost Target Shoot with nerf guns, and a cupcake walk.

This is what nightmares are made of.  
I made eye contact (at least it seemed like I did) with Chewbacca from across the street.

This is Scarlett the kitty cat ballerina princess and she belongs 
to my cousin Blake Bunker.
Tom told her that he threw this whole big party in her honor and she believed him.
He'll do anything to be the favorite.  He'll probably buy her a VW bus when she is older.

No pictures of Ike dressed up this year.  
He had a high fever and was out for the whole weekend. Booo.