This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Home Movies

 There is nothing quite like old home movies.
Pictures are great, but one dimensional....
Videos are such a great transporter to the past.

Lately, we have been on a kick, watching them every Sunday morning.

Ike never tires of watching....unlike his neighbor over there.
I think part of it is that he likes to see what went on before he came on the scene.

If I could go back in time I would do less running commentary and
reign in my laugh more.  

I kinda cringe when I hear myself is a bit too hearty.

Also, I wouldn't video the whole 30 minute Kindergarten performance--
8 songs all start to sound the same.  
I have hours and hours of school and singing group performances.
 We push the fast forward button on those after about 30 seconds.  
Our favorite things to watch and re-watch are the every day things like my little ones telling a story, or putting on a circus show for us and when I was sneaky enough to capture the kids playing without seeing a video peeking around the corner.


Isaac's Baptism

Isaac was baptized today.  
It was a sweet experience to see this last child of mine
prepare, look forward to, and enjoy this day so much.
I was a bit of an emotional, splotchy-faced mess.

Per Isaac's request...individual photos with each.

Ross and Anita came in just at the right time and 
we were able to get a picture with them.  

 I am kicking myself that I didn't get more
 pictures of all the wonderful family and friends that came
to support him.  I managed to grab just a few pics at the luncheon afterward.

My neighbor, Geoff, came over and set-up the lunch so it would be all ready when we got home.
It actually brought more tears to my eyes.

This is the cake that many of you have heard all about for weeks....
thanks for humoring my enthusiastic child.
He went over to Melody's
 for an official "cake consult" and with a lot of thought 
and deliberation finally decided on....
1/2 chocolate peanut butter cup 
1/2 carrot cake with no nuts.

It lived up to all the hype.

This is the only picture I happened to take of my grandpa, Jack and my mom
having what appears to be a great time.


"Permitted" to Drive

This guy could hardly wait for August 16th.  
That is exactly 6 months until he turns 16 and in Arizona that means you can get a driver's permit. 
 In fact, you have to hold a permit for 6 months before you can receive your license. 
 Cole was determined to pass that test on that day.  
Right before he took the test he looked at me and said with worry in his eyes,
 "Mom, what if I don't pass?"  
I lovingly reassured him that he was on his own after this shot
 and I wasn't coming back to the crowded MVD with him again. 

That did the trick.

He passed with flying colors.

I love a new driver.  Look how he sits straight up, hands gripping the 9 and 3 o'clock position.
The way he signals and turns the corners so deliberately....puts a smile on my passenger-side face.

Oh and let's not forget that he wants to spend all sorts of time with me.
"Mom, do you want me to go with you to the grocery store? "
"Mom, I'll go with you to take the girls to tennis !"



Last year, I bought myself an Ipad for Tom's birthday.  
He never uses it and so I guess I bought myself an Ipad.
Well my real point to this post is this game you can play on it...Scramble.
Scramble is basically Boggle but you don't have to write down your words
 and flip the little hourglass thingy
...beautiful stream-lined game.

With no television the first month of school--
An annual law, decreed by Tom, to get us all on track and focused for the new school year.
We play a lot of Scramble.  Who doesn't have time for a 2 minute game?

The reigning champ is Meg.  
She consistently works her word voodoo and beats us all.



With the start of a new school year,
I am grateful for those that help teach my children in the classroom and outside of it. 
 I need reinforcements to fill in where I am lacking....
specifically the talent and know-how of baking. 
 My good friend, Melody, has taken Meg under her wing,
teaching her how to prep and bake all sorts of yummies 
for her catering business.
Meg has really taken to it.

Last weekend, she worked Friday and Saturday on this wedding cake.   
She came home sore and tired, but fired up about finishing such a task.
She is really interested in going to culinary school one day. 


Back to School

I love the anticipation, preparation, and excitement that goes with the first day of school.
Just not so excited about the after school crazy schedule thing.

This year was impossible to get a picture with all of them for school.
My girls had piano lessons at 7:00 a.m.
Ike left for the bus at 7:20 and Cole left while I was picking up the girls from I was happy to get at least a picture.  

I made Ike pose for his picture in front of the bus stop kids ...good thing you can still look cool giving your second grade sign.  I think he tried to run off without giving me a hug and then his conscience caught up with him and I got my hug....thanks Ike.

 8th grade with the same exact schedule as her cousin Cosi

Um, just stroll down memory lane for a moment as
I remember them like this....

And last but certainly not least.....

Ok, he was a good sport to pose for his mama.  I guess this is the last
time...he has grown up on me and run out of fingers.  
This is a big year....
with a heavy-duty schedule. 

Thanks to my friend Julie for the DQ dilly bars....perfect way to cool down after school.

Will someone please hose off this child....poor kid has to wear long pants to school  (dumb dress code....we live in the desert!)

 This is our word for the new school year.

 Each letter represents something to help us all "shine" through the school year.


I'm Bored

Words that are not allowed to reach my ears are
"I'm bored."

 There are always cupboards or closets that can be cleaned 
out and arranged if you are bored around this joint.

Isaac got the chance to organize the book cupboard today.....guess who was bored.

And luckily he got a little distracted along the way

In fact it took most of the day

 Meg wasn't even bored and jumped right in to help---
help read some books that is.

She got so carried away in reading....she didn't even need to use a hair dryer.

Win win for both of us.
I got the book cupboard organized and Isaac wasn't bored all day.