This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


We thought we would really throw Jack a surprise birthday party.....2 months early.  
He is always gone, for business, in August.  
We didn't want to miss the big 60.
Shelly organized a great time at the Flowrider (Rhodes Pool).
We are so grateful to have a Grandpa Jack in our lives.


Time to Blossom

Last week, Summer attended a young woman conference called 
"Time to Blossom." 

After a few tears of homesickness....
 she ended up having a great time.  
They stayed at a hotel all week....250 girls (can you imagine?)
  The highlights for her were speakers John Bytheway and Vivian Cline, dress-up party, service project,  and fashion show.  (She modeled her 2 year old dress from Target)  

Tie and Ice cream

I think my favorite Farnsworth tradition is the Tie and Ice cream. We all crowd into one of our homes, bring a treat, a missionary tie, and then have a short program about the importance and joy of missionary work.   It also is a way to show our love and support to the missionary(s) that is leaving to go out and serve. 
Last night we held one for Terry and Janet.  We did it a little different this time.  We had a theme of "Mighty Missionaries: Past, Present, and Future"
We had pictures of all the missionaries, that have served from our family,  posted on the walls
 (enlarged  to 11x 14 in black and white) 

One of my favorite quotes, shared by Janet:

"Ships are safe in the harbor, 
but that is not what ships are built for."

Father's Day

We were so lucky to have Papa over on Father's Day.  
I hope he liked our gluten-free version of Chicken Divan. 
We intentionally left out the broccoli..he's not a fan.
Papa shared a few boyhood stories that involved skunks, squirrels,
rabbits, and the demise of Dicky bird.  My kids were entertained.

Tom got a little TLC from the kids.
Summer gave him a facial, Cole and Meg rubbed his feet, 
and Isaac fed him peanut butter M&Ms...all at the same time.