This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



We celebrated our nephew Luke in August.  He is the last of the 3 amigos (Rock, Cole and Luke) 
to leave on a mission.
Rock gets home on Labor Day and Cole has a year left.  Just 2 years now
until they are all reunited.

2 years ago when Rock was leaving

We all wanted to get a last picture with him but we were never all together.

Luke has been a great buddy to Isaac.  He helped feel the void when Cole left.
He has always had a piece of my heart.  I am so grateful that I got to be a part of his growing up.  I held him when he was just a little glow worm with the biggest roundest eyes and brightest smile.


We held another family Tie and Ice-cream night in his honor.
It also happened to be Luke's 18th birthday so we had 
to have a birthday cake to go with that ice-cream. 

These are the cousins that have followed the example of their older cousins.

Luke shared some very tender experiences that have shown him how the Lord answers prayers
and blesses those that turn to Him for help. 
 I still think about the things he talked about and 
am grateful what he taught me.

Waving for the pictures we are sending to Rock, Cole and Annie on missions.

We sang this beautiful song at the closing of the short program.

Luke opened up a lot of great ties. 

We love you Luker!  

 These first days of school sure come quickly.  
It really feels like I was just doing this.
This is the last year of elementary school for Ike- 6th grade.
He was ready to get back at it.  He loves to be busy and learning something.
Ike is playing club volleyball this fall, strumming the Bass, playing piano at church now
and a dedicated pen pal to his missionary friends.

We had a much happier first day of school with Meg.  
No nervous tears, just her beautiful smile to start out sophomore year.
She is still taking piano and voice lessons, dedicated exerciser and is in the high school show choir.
Almost on a daily basis I will still hear, "How can I help you Mom?"

Summer has run out of fingers to show how old she is...
Less than a year in the home nest.
Summer is taking piano, voice and some Broadway rep dance.
She is attending a missionary prep class every Sunday evening....just in case.

 The weekend after school began, we attended our
 nephew Zach and Sarah Collin's wedding in the St. George temple.
It was a beautiful sealing.

We had a free night to take in a show at the amazing Tuacahn theater under the stars.
What a way to enjoy Beauty and the Beast.  
I kinda fell in love with St. George.  

Oh and I lost my mind and resolve in August.
We added a puppy to the family.
His name is Fritz and he is the little brother Ike never had.

He has enjoyed celebrity status and a lot of visitors
...some of whom he terrorized with his
puppy bites.

Naughty Fritz got put in time out after this occurred.

Most of the time, he is my shadow.
I move- he moves.