This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



If Tom is left unattended watching television on Saturday afternoon.....I am sure to receive a nice present in the mail from an infomercial.  The latest purchase is the Nuwave oven.  
Yes, we have a crock pot and double ovens, but somehow we needed this too.
Tom convinced the kids that this would revolutionize the way we cooked dinner and they couldn't wait to see my face when I was told of this great gift. 
They were all disappointed in my lack of enthusiasm and the rolling of the eyes. 
Tom and his loyal supporters couldn't wait to "show me" at Sunday dinner.
I have to admit that the maiden voyage of the oven was not disappointing.  
The steaks were cooked really well and my kitchen was not smokey.  
Tom will try out a roast next time and we'll see if it lives us to its promise of cooking it so much faster.

And on another note,
 Summer and her cousins have been taking turns singing in each other's ward sacrament meetings.

 It's a good thing that my mother- in- law is willing to accompany them.  
I am pretty self-destructive on the piano and take the singers down with me.

Sunday afternoons are perfect for bumping the volleyball and riding bikes.

Riding a tandem bike is easier said than done.  
It takes some bravery and trust to sit on the back seat.  

Let's just say that some sibling pairs get along a little better than others. 
Notice I don't have a picture of my girlies.


The Run- Down

Volleyball in hand
Party Commissioner
Loving his first year of Seminary
Has started to beg for a phone
Piano playing
Answers the phone a couple of octaves lower
Mostly sweet all the time

Piano is coming along great
Loves to spend time with her cousin Molly and baby Griff
Plays club volleyball
Learned to curl her own hair

Has become a farm girl
Horseback rider
Volleyball playing
Working on her back close to landing it
Very helpful and respectful always
Reading reading reading
Learning to control her stress level

Always creating
Writing books and in his journal
Constantly Eating
Michael Jackson.....still
Reformed member of the "Bad Boys Club"
Wants to be more "useful around the house"
Never has to be told to go to bed
Ran a mile



We started out the year....freezing
but Tom's sister put together a great Bonco game and we kept warm
 enough to have a great time ringing in 2011
Ruth is such a great party planner...she even made a Bonco sign.
We even enjoyed a sled run, thanks to Amy ordering snow.
I guess you can pretty much order anything these days.

 Tom brought his hot air balloon kit and we had successful launches

We had to say goodbye to the Blakes (
my youngest sis) ...
3 weeks wasn't long enough.

Visit the new baby goats and watch Meg in her element

 Mmmm... Mother Goat wasn't really loving us
 I wouldn't want anyone bugging my new babies either
 These babies sounded like human babies when they stinkin cute.

Oh the chicken coop brings back a lot of memories

Lots and lots of Ping Pong
And with Teenage boys the game turns into "Sting-Pong"
Loser gets pelted with a ping pong ball on the bare back....such a teenage boy thing to do.

 Saying goodbye to one of Summer's best friends, Lauren. 
We hope she has a great new life in Utah!