This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



For Mother's Day, we attempted our first self-timer family 
photo right before heading out the door to church.  
Tom had bought a picture frame for his mother and in order for us to fit inside of
it, we had to do this stacked look.  Isaac looks like he is a photo-bomb instead of
a member of our family.

A deal was made in May.
After 10 years of piano lessons, I let Cole part ways with his teacher, Ron.
For the past year, I was paying $ for the opportunity to nag him to practice.
He did make it 10 years and plays well in church so I am a happy mom.

Then there is Summer...who sits down at the keyboard for her own enjoyment.
She has been working hard at writing a song.   
 It is called "Meg's Song." 

My Bookworms

Meg is branching out and trying some new material...all on her own.  
Let's just say that she is reluctant when it comes to change.  
She tends to re-read a lot of books (SciFi/ Fantasy)
So... I usually have to "assign" her to read the first 2 chapters 
of a new book before she can go back the books she has on her bookshelf.
I know this highlights my controlling side, but there are so many good books out there to try.
9/10 times she is thanking me.  
In my opinion, every young girl should read Jane Austin.  
She develops such great characters and insight.  

 Ike read "Peter and the Starcatchers" series and is still working on The Hobbit.
I told him that the Hobbit was difficult for me to read when I was in high school, but after he saw the movie, he was set on reading the book.  

That enthusiastic look on Cole's face says it all.  He only reads if he has to... I gave up the nagging on that one when his 5th grade teacher told me to.  She told me that it was ok that he didn't like to read and
that he'll probably turn out fine.  

We like to get these kids to work.
In addition to their household chores, Cole does Tom's office landscape maintenance, Summer cleans Tom's office, Meg babysits weekly for a large family, and Isaac now goes to work with Cole.  
He was trying to make his fortune in "Sports Rubs" 
but I am sorry to say that it went out of business due to a wrist injury. 

I have to say that this 9 year old is really earning his keep around here. 
He has graduated from picking up pinecones, grapefruit and leaves.  

Ping-pong season has begun.
The kids wheel the table inside when the thermometer rises.
 I fight my Feng Shui needs as we scooch tables and couches around
so that it rests right in the middle of everything.

A normal game can digress into a game of Sting Pong with these two.  
I usually leave the room while this is happening.

Lose the point, gain a welt.

No Sting Pong is allowed when the littles are over.  

Griff and Walker answer to "Bart" and "Meow Meow" these days.
Bart is a doggie, but with whiskers to match 
"Meow Meow" the kitty.  

We celebrated my nephew Rock's High school graduation.
He is off to BYU summer school and then leaves 
on a mission to Belize/San Salvador West Mission September 18.

We have been close to the Shill family from the very beginning.
Most of our favorite memories include them.  I love the Shill kids like they were my own.
Adjusting to change is something I am learning.  Right now I am pretty lousy at it.

Lots of swimming 

Our nephew David Collins got married to the wonderful Whitney and their AZ reception was beautiful.  
I loved the framed tent with drapes on the side.