This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Tuesdays with Grandpa

Mark Twain said, "There is never yet an uninteresting life. such a thing is an impossibility. Inside the dullest exterior, there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy."

Every Tuesday afternoon grandpa pays me a visit and we sit and write his life's story. He is nearing his 85th birthday and so there is no procrastinating these things. He enjoys the telling and I enjoy the learning. I am amazed at how keen he is and his recollections. We often marvel at the minds ability to recall things that grandpa hasn't thought about for 75+ years later. It seems like I can't recall what happened a few years ago to me. Somehow our minds file everything away...its just finding a way to retrieve them.

Thanks Tom for coming back from you family history class with great tools (voice recorder and questions) to help spur me on.

Digital Recorders can record and store on CD or DVD formats. Even the cheapest ones (around $25) can store up to 100 hours of voice recording.


It's Magic

We may all call it something different, but all parents have experienced it; those magical times when your children enter into a realm of uninterrupted play.....and the best part-- they all get along. These can sometimes last for hours, or only a few moments, but it is cherished... A gift that you want to bottle up and replicate again and again. Sadly, I've learned that I can never manipulate these, they just spontaneously occur.
Last night one occured close to bed time....dang it all. While Cole was at scouts---Summer, Meg, and Isaac were playing dinosaur eggs. I love the themes they come up with. I let them have an extra 15 minutes before I had to reluctantly shut it down and send their sad faces up to bed.
This morning.....8:15 a.m. Hair wasn't fixed and it was time to send Meg out the door for school. "Meg, where are you?!"

The sequel was taking place in the playroom. Spontaneous shots are always a bit blurry..right?
Tragically it had to be shut down.....for education purposes.
So, I have left the eggs out...waiting....hoping....that part 3 will take place.


Our Miss Molly

Time is standing still, for me, but it seems to be moving awfully fast for those younger than my 35 year old self. When I first met Molly (my niece), she was getting baptized and I was getting married. How time does Fly...........

She's been a big part of our family

Watched my kids grow...set the perfect example for them to follow....

....and now Molly is getting married and ready to begin her own family.
We had a shower for her over at my house this week and once again, I forgot to snap many photos, but I did capture this moment.......

She is always so poised....

in every situation!

It was fun to watch Molly, but more fun to watch my mother-in-law (her grandmother). I love showers!


Oh Say, Can You Sing!

Last Saturday, Summer and her cousins got to sing the national anthem for the city of Gilbert's Constitutional Celebration. What a fun thing to get ready for. They practiced, as much as 7 different little schedules could in a period of 10 days. To sing two verses of the national anthem, with parts, is no easy task. They jumped in with great attitudes. This clip is an abridged version, because it can be a bit long (unless it is your child).

Lizzy, Janey, Summer, Cosey, Sophie, Nichole, Joanna (soloist)


Current Obsession

Ok, apparently I don't know what this little guy is up to all the time. I think this was taken while I was in the shower. I often find all sorts of moments captured on photobooth by this little guy.
Isaac 's current obsession is paper, tape, and scissors. Creating things with paper and scissors and then taping them up all over the house or even on himself, provides hours of entertainment. This picture was in the latest batch of photos taken today or maybe yesterday. I think it is the moment Isaac realized that you don't tape the nose and mouth shut at the same time.


The Miss Rita Experience

After began for Isaac. All of my kids have gone to Miss Rita and boy does she know how to run a preschool. She has had 30+ years to perfect her method and with a special exemption from the state, she can use religious curriculum. She incorporates scripture stories and songs. She teaches them to read using story lines from the Book of Mormon. I just love that. It has been fun for the other kids to talk about Miss Rita and share Isaac's excitement for this new year. We are all big fans.

This week he has been learning about the first 2 days of the creation. So I had a little sunshine walk through my door yesterday, and today he came home with the seas and every living creature that moveth. All in an empty tennis ball canister.


Making Rolls

Apparently there is something in the air that is driving my boys to the kitchen. Cole had some extra time today, being Labor Day, and wanted to learn how to make homemade rolls. I sat across from the counter and just observed, giving a few tips here and there. He did it all and was pleased as punch at the final result. He got the thumbs up from all who partook.