This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Aspen Grove

If I could recommend a great family vacation ...this is it. Aspen Grove Family Camp just above Sundance ski resort up in the Provo, Utah canyon.

This summer we headed there for the 4th time. We love it. It is all about the beautiful outdoors and great activities with your family and friends. Don't go expecting hotel accommodations and great cuisine... that isn't part of the experience. However, there is a great icecream/candy shop and a few good meals in the cafeteria setting.
The kids break off into their age groups and have activities all day with enthusiastic, fun camp counselors. They are happy, your happy and you get plenty of happy together time too.

Tom grew up going to Aspen Grove every summer. I think the Farnsworths went 12+ years in a row. I just think of his mom packing and getting 12 kids ready for a week long trip. They had to eventually drive up 2 cars because they all couldn't fit in the station wagon. So, when my kids were complaining about the long drive to Utah, as they are stretched out and holding portable devices and watching a DVD, I just about went nuts. I have no patience for complaining.

This is where we stayed with the Barneys, Pothiers, Kroffs, Tanners, Brays, and Simas families.
It was nice to have a gathering room and to hear the creek outside your window at night.

We were nicknamed the "80s Ladies" from the girls.
(Left to Right) Jen Tanner, Shawni Pothier, Amy Kroff, Me, Gale Bray, Tracey Simas, Nicole Barney


About Time

I am a bit embarrassed to admit this....this is our first family photo with Isaac. I know....he's 6...ridiculous. Seriously what kind of mom am I. So we were a bit stiff and out of practice for this photo shoot with our friend Shawni. We were all up at Aspen Grove and she was willing to scout out a beautiful place to take the photos and then nice enought to encourage us to go through with the plan. Thank you Shawni. I almost aborted mission prior to, but I am glad we went through with it.

I also just figured out why I couldn't download pictures...K9 software. Weird problem--- solved.