This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



I was so proud of this girl.  The pesky microphone was giving all the candidates trouble.  In the middle of Meg's speech it shorted out.  She just calmly picked up the "just in case" megaphone on the ground and continued on.  A few jokes and punch lines got lost in the transition, but she carried on.
She ended up losing to her friend Dallin.  There was no doubt that he won after he gave his speech.  Pretty clever.   He is a great kid.  
It took about 2 hours for the clouds to disperse and Meg's optimism came shining through.  "I think I'll bring my A game next year and run again...just not against Dallin."



This is Powertap Ignited....consisting of Summer and her cousins.
I still can't believe all these girls were born within a year of each other.    
They just competed in their very first Powertap Nationals, last Saturday in Utah. 
Their coach Veva has done an amazing job.    
We sure lucked out having her marry into the family and then start a great powertap studio. 
They all had a great time and received a lot of blue ribbons.... even a trophy.

  Tom's mom came along.  What a trooper she is!



I am not a great writer.  In fact, it is a source of frustration for me.   I feel like I can't capture what is swimming around in this head of mine, grab it,  and write it down.  I appreciate good writing and admire those that do it well.
An indulgence of mine are books and movies of the 19th Century.  I prefer this genre above all.
I think I am drawn to the way they spoke and communicated.  It is beautiful, descriptive, polite, and yet simple.  Every word counts.
My friend and old college roommate, Wendy, feels strongly about our spoken and written word.  I don't know how she feels about the 19th Century, but she is on a quest to help us increase our vocabularies and to use our words effectively and correctly.
So if your interested in honing your vocabulary- check out her new website the WORDSMITH PROJECT.


McCain Event

We helped host a McCain event last weekend.  
We are supporting him over Hayworth in this upcoming election.  
We have our differences and haven't always agreed
 with Senator McCain, but we feel he is a  better choice to represent AZ . 

Thank you to 
Denny and Nichole 
for opening 
up their beautiful
 home and 
co-hosting the event.  

My neighbor and good friend, Melody Larsen, catered.  It was beautiful and delicious.

Blake Barney and Cole were on parking and traffic duty.
They were tough on parking infractions.

I didn't get a shot with McCain, but I managed to get one with my Meg.

Our niece Molly with her husband Landon and cute Griff.  
They just moved back from Chicago and we are so excited to have them close.

This is Tom's sister,  Jill , who helped co-host this event.  
I admire this girl a lot.  She is always actively involved in a good cause.  
Jill just came and talked to our young men and young women about the dangers of pornography. 
 It was very effective and well received.  
She is very involved in CP80, a movement to evolve the internet to protect children.



We had Farnsworth family photos this week.  There were  only 150 of us.  
We went to a gym and set up bleachers.  
 The last family picture we took was when Meg was 2--about 8 years ago.  
I snapped this one, while we were waiting ...
Thought I would give a little update on these kiddos.

Finally caught Summer and is now a smudge taller
Playing Football  
Going strong on the piano playing
Looking forward to getting his braces off
Still no cell phone on the horizon
Just received his patriarchal blessing
Straight As
Going to EFY this June
Gearing up to work this summer

Powertap competition in Utah this week
Looking forward to Musical Theater this summer
Playing piano 
Always up in her room playing her ukulele and singing
Looking forward to getting her braces off this summer
Finishing 6th grade and off to junior high
Straight A student 
Journal writer
Earning money for a young women conference this June

Running for student council this week
Just did 5 back hand-springs in a row
Reading a lot.  Finished the Gregor series and loved it
Reading the Alliance 
Spending free time with the Turks (Tom's sister)
Playing volleyball in the house......arrgh!
Cartwheels in the house.....arrgh!
Very loving
Working on being more open-minded about what she'll wear
Straight As
Taking care of  Peanut 
(Hasn't introduced him to anymore female bunnies and is willing to
pay to get him neutered)

Currently fascinated with astronauts and bats
Always hungry
Still making his books
Wants more time with friends
Going over to Aunt Janet's
Riding his bike to Nana's 
Just discovered deviled eggs and is a big fan
Talking talking talking
Spontaneous hugs and I love yous
Journal Writer


Meg for Treasurer

I am always a bit nervous when my kids want to run for office.  
I feel like I have to deliver as their campaign manager....not a win---just
a good campaign.  I just want them to go into it feeling confidant --no matter the outcome.
Meg is running against a ton of kids...even a friend. 
 I tried to talk her out of it, but she has friends running for every office.  
It is tricky.
For those that know Meg, this fits.
(Thanks to my "Amy the great" for doing some of her media magic for us)