This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



We had Farnsworth family photos this week.  There were  only 150 of us.  
We went to a gym and set up bleachers.  
 The last family picture we took was when Meg was 2--about 8 years ago.  
I snapped this one, while we were waiting ...
Thought I would give a little update on these kiddos.

Finally caught Summer and is now a smudge taller
Playing Football  
Going strong on the piano playing
Looking forward to getting his braces off
Still no cell phone on the horizon
Just received his patriarchal blessing
Straight As
Going to EFY this June
Gearing up to work this summer

Powertap competition in Utah this week
Looking forward to Musical Theater this summer
Playing piano 
Always up in her room playing her ukulele and singing
Looking forward to getting her braces off this summer
Finishing 6th grade and off to junior high
Straight A student 
Journal writer
Earning money for a young women conference this June

Running for student council this week
Just did 5 back hand-springs in a row
Reading a lot.  Finished the Gregor series and loved it
Reading the Alliance 
Spending free time with the Turks (Tom's sister)
Playing volleyball in the house......arrgh!
Cartwheels in the house.....arrgh!
Very loving
Working on being more open-minded about what she'll wear
Straight As
Taking care of  Peanut 
(Hasn't introduced him to anymore female bunnies and is willing to
pay to get him neutered)

Currently fascinated with astronauts and bats
Always hungry
Still making his books
Wants more time with friends
Going over to Aunt Janet's
Riding his bike to Nana's 
Just discovered deviled eggs and is a big fan
Talking talking talking
Spontaneous hugs and I love yous
Journal Writer