This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


More April Birthday Shout Outs! Two of my favorite guys share a birthday on Saturday, Tom and my brother Clint. A request was made and not granted.....

Tom: "How 'bout for my birthday present you don't do a birthday post."

Me: "You want to deny me the opportunity to make another collage? I don't think so."

Tom will hate any PDA on this post, but I have to say, I hit the jackpot with him. My life is blessed with him in it.

This is a portion of a collage I made several years ago. The kids and I have fun adding to it over time. Its easy to come up with things we love about him. I thought it would be fun including it in our "blog journal" since it just sits in a filing cabinet right now.

Thanks to Carol for arranging a birthday lunch with everyone. I remembered to take a photo when there were only 5 out of the 9 sisters left. I mainly wanted to get a photo with Ross and Anita in it.

And.........the big 34 for Clint. Probably the thing I love the most about Clint is conversations. He is a superb listener, funny, and the time goes by way to fast with him. It is always hard to tear yourself away from a convo with Clint. Clint has always been gentle, kind, and just plain good. To know Clint is to love him. Most of my happiest childhood memories are with him. We look forward to a celebration dinner with Clint and Meghan tonite. Thanks to Mom and Jack for watching the kids.

Tom and Clint are business partners. Clint works at the Gilbert office and Tom is close at the Mesa one. They have a super staff. This picture is of almost everyone (3 missing).