This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


T-ball Season Begins

(Ok, I know I am a little excited to use my new photo shop software. I have wasted way too much time and neglected things of actual importance in trying to figure it out.)
To say Isaac is excited to start t-ball is an understatement.
O b s e s s i v e non-stop commentary and analysis about every aspect of t-ball.We got his uniform today and he suggested I take some pictures.
With the start of competitive sports for him, I wondered what kind of player he would be. At this age, Cole was more interested in the lady bugs crawling on the clover in the field.

However, after our first T-ball game, with Isaac, it was obvious that he will never be looking for ladybugs. He'll be smashing them as he tackles his teammates for the ball. He even threw his hat to the ground and huffed and puffed in a circle when they didn't throw him the ball at first base. I looked at my other kids, giggling, and said "We can't let him think this is cute or funny, right?" They got the message. Tom took Ike aside after the game and gave him his first "good sportsman" talk. We love the competitiveness, not the attitude. For 90% of the game he was so fun to watch. He would flash us his cute smile and a thumbs up when he would make it to first base running. It was the best hour of entertainment for all of us.
On the way to his second game, he told me that he as going to cheer on his teammates and smile a lot. I am happy to say that he had a much happier game the second go around.