This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Stake Exodus

This is what Tom and I did during spring break. Our stake held an Exodus for the youth. Instead of the Pioneer Trek, we were the Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years. Tom and I were asked to be the "Abim and Emim" (hebrew for mom and dad) of the tribe of Gad. There was actually another couple, Lane and Erin Anderson, that co-parented with us. We felt like we were given the best group to be with. All of the youth were great kids and the other couple was so much fun to be with. If your going to be undergoing miserable conditions, its nice to have people to laugh with. And we did a lot of laughing. Tom and I would just start cracking up as we walked behind the handcarts and took a look at one another. We raised a few eyebrows from passersby. I'm sure we looked like a terrorist training camp.

The tabernacle was by far the best part of the Exodus. It was truly amazing to be able to walk through this construction. I felt like I learned a lot and I hope the youth did too.

1. Witnessing how well Tom leads, teaches, and has fun with the youth. He truly has a gift and now I know why they love him so much.
2. Delirious laughing
3. Tom having a massage set up for me the night we got home
4. The occasional heavenly breeze
5. Interacting with great kids and leaders
6. Appreciating how good we all have it
7. Having the Turks, Ben, and Adam take care of all four of our kids, and showing them such a great time!
(They didn't want to have us come home)

1. Port-a-Potties that reached maximum level by the second day
2. Wearing the wrong size of tennis shoes....and now I'm going to lose my big toe nail right in time for sandal weather. I know better to wear a bigger size of shoe when walking or running long distances.
3. "Hurry up and Stop" style of handcart pushing. You had to speed walk in order to avoid getting your heels clipped. Watch out, I can be a bit grouchy when you don't give me walking room. The boys in the handcart behind us, found that out.
4. Not a chair to be found.
5. Nothing colder than warm water from a communal water jug
6. Every male leader snoring all night long
7. The smell of rancid onion (Teenage boy body odor)

Despite the hot and dusty conditions, we had a good time and this will be a fond memory for Tom and I. I just don't ever want to do it again.