This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Out of Focus

I think I have great kids, but I don't express it to them enough. Sure we have our ups and downs, good days and not-so super days, but one thing I am really grateful for is that they take their responsibilities and own them. Like school work, Monday thru Thursday, these three walk through the door, plop down their backpacks and start in on their homework until its done. Not once have I had to tell them to get it done or remind them about an upcoming test or poem recitation.
Tom and I have never had to go up and wake them up for school or church. We get them an alarm clock, when they are 8, and show them how to use it. They are dressed, showered, beds made, ready for the day. Never a reminder.
This morning, while I was curling Meg's hair, I wasn't telling her how great it was that she got herself up, fixed her own oatmeal, was to scripture on time.....No, I was listing off the little misteps she'd taken this morning. She finally sobbed, "Mom, your not hurting my hair or my head, your hurting my heart." That gave me a good shock. It woke me up and I heard what I was saying through her little ears. I take for granted so much of the good and focus too much on the trivial. Children can be the best teachers. I helped her dry her tears and told her I would try harder to do better.