This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Tom's Birthday

Tom turned......

I wish I could say I baked this myself.

and another cake 
 (my Mother in law always makes him a German chocolate
and offers to have him come over and have her rock and sing him to sleep)
I got a case of the giggles just thinking about him curled up on her lap.

and his favorite pie from my sis

The birthday signs made it out and 
I texted him 41 things I love about him.
He liked that. 
I liked doing it.

One of the things that the girls gave him was this--
  it makes for a zippy fresh'll wake you up.
We picked it up at Bath and Body.

Tom's sister Ruth (sister #5) suggested that we
surprise him with a birthday cake during his golf game.

About right now I am 
wishing I had something more to surprise him with than
a store bought cake.

I am not sure why I am hiding

Ruth is probably wondering the same thing  ??

Oh, surprise it is my 
with her camera........   

.....and another cake       yay!

I still don't know why I am taking pictures is a store bought cake surprise.
Oh well, I like that Brian is giving me a smile.
It validates the camera I have in hand.

My Brother-in-laws were nice and obediently ate cake

 Mark Shill, T, Brian Ricks, Dave Collins, and Fred Ashby

Since I had the camera out--

I love this guy.   
I hope he felt how much we all love and appreciate him.