This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Conference Weekend

I love love conference weekends.
As Ike put it, "We get to have church on the couch and eat."
We missed the first session because of Meg's volleyball game, 
but were able to sit around as a family and watch the rest.  
My kids are finally at great ages to be able to do this....hang in there young moms.
Your day will come.

Cole told me that he could lay down--- like this --- and not fall asleep....uh huh.

So,  I broke out the candy Bingo board and that kept everyone awake.
Thanks for emailing this, Brooke

Ike apparently needed a boot cast on to watch conference. 
This contraption has a hold on both Meg and Ike.  
 I think next Christmas, they may both get a fake arm 
cast because it would get put to good use...all year long.
I guess when I was that age, I made fake braces out of paper clips.

In between sessions, we watched this.
After seeing the 25th anniversary performance, 
I had to read the book again.
I just have about 1,100 pages to go, not a quick read...but a worthwhile one.
When Cole and Summer were young,
Tom and I used to tell them the story of Jean Valjean for their tuck-ins.
 Now Meg and Ike are soaking up the story.  

I am so glad that the musical does it justice.

[Later in the evening]

We put a family volleyball game together

We can't get enough of volleyball around here.
I feel like I am a really good player, just because I watch them play so much.

 Meg coming between the engaged couple.

Tom taking a break after riding his dirt bike...
guess what he may be getting for his upcoming bday.

That's right

This relationship works because one of them is a good listener

My nephew Parker and his son Tillman.
I guess that makes me a great aunt.
Oh, I miss having a little guy this age

....not that this one isn't fun