This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


"Mama's Manners"

Every couple of years, my mother-in-law holds a special "Manners Evening"
for the current batch of teenagers 12 and older.
In this family kids come in batches
They receive an invitation by mail 
asking them to please come dressed in Sunday best. 

She puts a lot of effort into preparing a nice dinner and evening for them.
It is served on her china.

The Hosts

These servers will one day be invited to attend their own dinner,
 but first-- they must pay their dues.
Can I say, I love the bow ties...poor Meg doesn't quite look the part
After dessert 
Mama and Papa teach them some of their favorite old songs
"Down by the Old Mill Stream"
"You are My Sunshine"
then they played the
candy bar game 
"Matthew, Mark, Luke..."

Thank you to Ross and Anita for having such great traditions...they make a difference in the lives of your grandchildren and create lasting memories.