This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Ike's First Piano Recital

We thought we would hold Ike's first piano recital in our home.
We invited a few family members over for a "short and sweet" event.

His great teacher brought over a list of the songs he would be playing...
I was thinking it would be like 3 songs.....nope.

 But 20 minutes before the guests arrived.....
(I know that because of the clock)

....Isaac thought the floors needed a little attention.
He mopped everything.
O.K. the floors are clean, the guests are seated and we could begin.

Many of these songs have the ole D.C. at the end--  
(that means you get to hear them twice)
This is my baby, so I can listen to them twice, but I don't know about our guests.

Only 10 more songs to go...hang in there Sophie.

did you say 10 more to go??

The final number was a duet and audience sing- along.
"Take me out to the ball game"
I got the giggles watching Isaac get the giggles.
He could hardly keep playing.
It must have been our beautiful rendition.

These unsuspecting folks don't realize that Ike is going to make the most of a captive audience.

He had a little speech prepared.

With no end in sight, Tom and I both tried to cut it short and were completely ignored.

He had a to let his teacher know
 that they are" just beginning this journey together."

I really hope that didn't scare her off.

Tom manned the post recital/speech refreshments

We appreciated Nana and Grandpa Jack, Mama and Papa, Sampsons, Watts, and Shills 
for their love and support of a 7 year old- floor mopping-piano playing- speech making boy.

During our tuck-in tonight, Ike kept saying how grateful he was 
that they would all come to see him play the piano.