This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Rome in a Day

Try seeing Rome in a day and with a husband that is still not feeling great.
Tom did his best to gear up for it, but the hot humid weather and incredible crowds made it challenging.
Maybe your like me and when you dream of visiting a beautiful city like Rome you don't have the crowds of other people factored into that dream equation.  
Apparently we have to share the sites with thousands of others.

When we arrived in Rome--- our taxi could not take us to our hotel because the streets were blocked due to a government protest.  So we got dropped off next to the police barricade by a poor frustrated taxi driver, that did not speak English and pointed in the direction we should start walking.

I get a little slap happy in these situations and just start giggling.

After checking our bags at the hotel we headed out to the Vatican.

I had to capture this tired hubby.
I wish he felt better.

 Taking it all in with a few thousand others.

The hallways leading to the Sistine Chapel are absolutely amazing. 
I wish we could have strolled through them but we
 were packed in there pretty tight and inched our way through--shoulder to sweaty shoulder.

When we finally entered the famous Sistine Chapel I first noticed that it was a lot cooler and that there was an opening on one of the benches that line the sides.  I snagged it for Tom and I.  My next realization is that the guards are yelling "No photo, No Talking!"  over and over.
Really?  That is the best way of letting a huge crowd of people know??
 Tom and I sat down for about 30 minutes.  At first look,  I was a bit underwhelmed after walking through the more ornate hallways  and then some of the things I have read and learned about Michelangelo started coming to mind. 
It is such a beautiful reflection of the new
Renaissance way of viewing man's relationship and connection to God.  


Check out the stairway you take to exit the Vatican museum.

Poor Vatican guard.  Imagine putting this get-up on.

After seeing the long line to enter St. Peters.  
We just didn't have it in us to do we enjoyed the view from the square
for a while and then walked to the Pantheon.

I have to admit I have no idea what this building was for.  
I just know it is circular and the
hole in the ceiling was for the sun to come through and shine on the emperor??

At this point one can be over saturated with info and sights.  
This is what happens when you try to see Rome in a day.

Too bad these amazing
structures were built on the backs of slave labor. 
That was always at the back of my mind.

The Fountain of Trevi
 I liked it during the day, but loved it even more at night.
Sometimes it is nice to just have something beautiful
to look at while enjoying the sound of running water.

The Romans have such a fascinating history.
It made me want to learn more about the Emperor Constantine
and his conversion to Christianity.  He was taught Christianity by his mother.
The influence of one faithful mother can make all the difference.

Tom and I looking tired .....
joined with white dress lady's back side on the left.
Do you ever wonder if your in some stranger's picture? 

Street begging is taken up a notch in Rome.  
There is a huge variety of street begging.
Some are heartbreaking and shocking
 and others are purely entertaining.  

Tom was very happy to get back to our room and sleep.
No appetite or energy--- he lost about 12 pounds during our trip. 
However, no complaints from him.  
He took it all in stride and never sweats the things you have no control over.
I love that about him.

What a week.  It went by quickly but I was getting so excited to get back
to my kids.  10 days is a long time for a mom.  
I was grateful to have my brother and his wife Carissa
man the home-front.    
My kids had a blast and did not miss the ole  "task- master" mom.

I loved all the beautiful places we visited but there really is nothing like home.