This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



We had 2 stops in France:  Marseille and St. Tropez

Things I loved about France:

Everyone says Bonjour!

Potted flowers and plants everywhere

Vines growing on walls and stairways

Shutters on every window

Built-in excercise.  They do not accomodate for laziness.
There are inclines and stairways everywhere worth getting to.

Cobblestone streets

 Clock and Bell Towers that ring on the hour

Very old things

Inspiration for the prison in the Count of Monte Cristo.
(Alexandre Dumas was from Marseille)

Fresh Food Markets everywhere.  And I am not kidding, there are no heavy people.
Bill made the observation and so I started to take note and I seriously did not
find an over-weight person in Marseille or St. Tropez....except tourists (:

Crepes with thing I ate.  

Red Lighthouses along the coasts

 But there was a peeve...
There may be one public restroom in the whole town and it is not made very clear where that one toilette may be.  In fact we asked a French policewoman and she was not very helpful.
This is Kaci re-enacting our quest for the bathroom.
When we finally did find it, 
they charged you money to use it and there was a man standing with homemade goods wanting you to try so you would buy.....  just awkward.

So grateful Bill and Kaci let me tag along.  They are such a classy couple.

Tom had a fever and chills--so he did not make it to any part of France.

 When I walked by a fish market, he wasn't there
to entertain me with his reaction.  
It wasn't the same seeing all these things without him.