This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


This past week the kids and I escaped the heat wave and headed up north. It was a great week in the mountains. We wish our dad could of joined us.
Cole went to basketball camp in Prescott. He went with the Shill, Pothier, and Denham boys. This year we let them stay in the dorms and they had a blast. We made sure they got in adjoining rooms. When they first arrived they set some rules, so everyone would stay happy and safe. They couldn't go anywhere alone, must keep their area clean, and go to bed when it was lights out. From what Cole has told me it went really well. He won two awards: 3 on 3 competition and the Hustle award. The Hustle award is given to 3 boys at camp (High school, Junior High, and Elementary division). The coaches watch to see how well they follow instructions, keep a good attitude, and hustle. They nominate and then vote on the players at the end of the week. Cole also won it last year in the elementary school division.

While Cole was in Prescott, I took the other kids up to Pinetop. Summer and some of her cousins and a friend did a volleyball camp at Blue Ridge High school in Pinetop. I think Summer has found a new love. She has been carrying her purple and white volleyball, they gave her at the end of camp, everywhere she goes.

Meg was too young to join in volleyball, so she got to hunt for lizards, catepillars, ride a horse named Cherokee, and just be one of the boys. That was just fine with her. She informed the boys that she was 1/2 boy anyway so she is just fine with whatever they had planned.
Another goal---to learn how to master the spin ball. Mission accomplished in one afternoon of practice.
Tom's sister, Carol, arranged for the kids to perform a medley of songs for Camp Tatiyee. It is a camp for kids with special needs. They performed a few numbers from the Musical Theater that they all just completed. We just had to do some small adjustments and practice for a couple of days.
You couldn't of asked for a better crowd to perform for. They had the audience up dancing and singing along with them.

It was a great week at the cabin, but we were excited to pick up Cole in Prescott and head home to see dad. Thanks to my great SILs Carol, Bonnie, and Sheri. I really love being up there with them and their kids. They all made it such a fun week. Thanks Carol for organizing the nightly devotionals, games, reading, & Camp Tatiyee performance.

Sheri did a great FHE lesson on Lehi's Dream. She strung rope through the trees and blind folded the kids. They had to feel their way, without any help, to find the end the tree of life. It made a lasting impression on Isaac. That night when I was tucking Isaac in, he said with a very serious expression, "I learned a lot about the gospel today."
Thanks to my cabin mate Bonnie for being a great walking partner & for the late night conversations. Despite a teeny bit of pre-teen drama and a few tired tears, everyone got along well and we made some great memories.