This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


He's home. After 8 long days, Cole returned from Camp Geronimo. Other than one phone call (because he was a bit homesick 2 days into it), he had a great time and stayed strong. We have loved hearing all the stories. He always does a great job filling us in on the details.
He earned 8 merit badges while at Geronimo, one of them being photography. Here are some of the pictures he took with his disposable camera. I loved seeing what he wanted to capture. There were a lot of fun goofy scout shots, but they came out too blurry. My favorite is the one of the Book of Mormon on his sleeping bag. He said he liked how the colors looked together and he wanted to remember doing the STOMP challenge.

Cole was pretty excited about the purchase of this "make your own moccasins" kit. It was his one souvenir he bought at the Geronimo trading post. He convinced his dad to help him put them together. 2 hours later they were ready to wear. Tom is good about doing projects with the kids.

From 11:00 on Saturday, Ike has not left Cole's side. He counted down the days for his homecoming. We had a copy of his camp schedule, and Ike would ask periodically "What's Cole doing RIGHT now at camp?" So we would look it up.
How can you not miss a big brother like this?

I am grateful to such great leaders that are working with Cole in scouts right now. It made all the difference knowing that he was up at camp with these good men.