This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


My mother

Wow, I really can't wrap my mind around my mom turning 60.
She is ageless to me.

Some things I admire and love about her:

My mother loves to work outside and get her hands dirty- planting, trimming, hauling.

I have always loved her hands, they are strong working hands.

She loves horses.

She loves growing things- creating beauty.

She loves the mountains.

She works out to an old VHS tape while wearing a sweat band on her forehead.

She is practical, never high maintenance.  She is a do-it-yourself kind of gal.

She is not into clothes, shopping, pampering---she is a tomboy at heart.

She can fix almost anything and loves the process of "figuring it out."

I love when she is truly nervous (which does not happen often)
 because she develops a bit of a Southern/cowgirl accent.

She does not talk about people, she prefers to talk about ideas.

She loves good manners and class.

She loves reading.

She raised 7 children in some difficult circumstances.

It would be very hard to offend her, she is very good-natured.

She would never go get a frozen yogurt, she prefers ice cream.

Loves butterfingers, junior mints, popcorn balls, peanut brittle, and fire hot cinnamon candy.

She loved being a mother and we felt that as her children.
For that, I am so grateful.   Because of her example,
 I never doubted that I would love being a mother too.