This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Family Reunion

I think Tom's grandpa Max and grandma Ruth were smiling down on this family reunion. 
They loved family gatherings and passed on a strong sense of unity and tradition.

The part of the reunion that we could attend was held at Schnepf Farms.  
Tom's cousin, Carrie Schnepf, owns and operates it.
It was the ideal venue to hold 500+ family members.

Don't under estimate the fun an egg toss can bring.
I get the giggles watching them.

As I watched Molly with little Walker, a flood of nostalgia crept in.
I remember bringing my little ones, with a baby in tow, to Schnepf Farm.
That stage goes way too quickly.

I love watching people enjoy roller coasters.  
I can't do them.  I get totally nauseous. 
I feel old and pathetic at amusement parks.

Most everyone sported the reunion shirt:
Blue was for the grand children
Red for great grandchildren
Green for great-great grandchildren.
Lizzy is in the green and I believe she is the oldest great great grand-child.
I could be is late at night and therefore extra dangerous for me to attempt a clear thought (:

By the looks of Cole, we need a little more farm experience in our lives.

We ended the festivities with a talent show. 
 Glad the girls were up for putting on their black rubber pants for the occasion.
So nice having a built-in cousin performing group.