This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



I love love Thanksgiving.
I love a holiday that celebrates gratitude and reminds us of those brave souls that came to a new, unknown land to worship God in their own right and for the compassion the natives showed them.

Also, I have never had to host the dinner....
nice to still hold "contributor" status. 

I made all my "sides" the night before so we could enjoy a little Turkey Trot in the morning
to help support our friend running for Supervisor, Denny Barney.
He was also giving all proceeds to Azbrainfood....really love that!

 This year we did turtle races after the feasting.
I was bummed that I had forgot my camera--and then 
I remember that I have a trusty camera on my phone.
Seem to forget that I can use that feature.

Team Farnsworth took our turtle race serious.
Isaac was assigned turtle decor and naming our racer "Speedy."
Cole was over the incentive to make our turtle move, 
Tom was in charge of getting the turtle to the starting was over 100 pounds.
The girls did turtle cheers.
"Speedy" took first place in both the
circle and uphill races.

Chad brought his main squeeze, Carissa, to Thanksgiving.
We love her....she is a keeper (: wink wink  
They are hosting a camp-out in the backyard this weekend with all the grandkids.
Carissa, you are a good sport.

This is the perfect weekend for puzzles.

Once you finish one, you are ready for more.