This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Pep Assembly Appearance

Ike and his cousins were asked to make another cameo appearance at the Mt. View Pep Assembly.
Well, several years ago, our nephew Scott was in charge of the sport assemblies  
and thought it would be fun to have his little cousins take on the varsity basketball players in a game.
Back then that included Cole with Luke, Rock and Blake "Boots," 
circa 2004

This is the latest batch of cousins.
I really am not sure how this has kept going year after year,
but Isaac is glad that it did.

I guess the student council  knows that if they call up team manager,
 Carol (my sister-in-law)--she will deliver. 
  It is no easy task to entertain 3200+  high school students but she
happily does it--even in the crazy month of December.
She is amazing.

This time around, 
the boys would make "their shot" and then the varsity player 
would have to make the same shot, while wearing some silly apparatus or costume.

Ike was nervous all week about making his shot.
Tom just kept sending him outside to make 40 baskets.
A little work calms the nerves.

Huge relief when that ball went in the basket.
It took about an hour for my pulse and heart to calm down.

And of course, it was fun to observe Cole in the midst of high school life.
I snuck one very quick picture of him.  I have promised that I will not go paparazzi on him.
He is nestled there in the middle.

After the assembly, Ike was soaking in all the love.  
He keeps reminding me that he
has only 3 more years with Cole until he is off to college and a mission.  
It weighs on him.

Some of my Laurels.
Jill, Emmy, Kami, and Brooke.
(Emmy has been Laurel class president and my right arm these past 6 months.)
I love knowing these girls.

  Isaac had to make one last dunk.
Stall Tactic 
He was dragging out his 15 minutes of fame and
striving to miss as much school as possible.

He suddenly remembered he is afraid of heights.
This child can make his shot, do the Haka war dance,
and be a goof ball
in front of a packed high school gym,
but can't be lifted a few feet in the air.
Interesting how that works.