This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



Great start to February celebrating my mom's birthday.  
There isn't anything she loves more than just spending time with her kids.  
She is just so easy to please and such a happy person.  

We celebrated Valentines Day with our favorite crew.  
We were locked in an apartment and had an hour to solve a series of clues in order to escape.
I am pretty sure I would still be locked inside if I was on my own.  
Thanks to smart friends, we "Escaped the Room." 

Summer's choir had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall.  
Well, I have to say it was quite memorable.
Summer had to leave the stage to throw up. 
Poor thing went on to throw up on our carriage ride through Central Park too.

My girl's latest obsession is the musical Hamilton and they got tickets to see it for Christmas.
I love that they are really interested in the American Revolution now.  Some of the songs
quote George Washington and the other founding fathers verbatim.   

Summer asked Ben Udall to the Sadie Hawkin dance. 
It has been changed to a semi-formal dance due to some misbehavior from the students
a couple of years ago at the dance.  No more casual, matching t-shirts -kind of thing.  Sad.
However, I did like the Black and White theme.

 We had a casual lakeside dinner thanks to Nana and Jack allowing us to use their back yard.  

Cheers to Italian sodas prepared by Meg and Ike.

Captain Jack took them on a sunset cruise before dinner.
I could hear some of his classic joke material as they pulled out of the harbor.
He said they were a pretty tough crowd.  Crickets.

 These two cool cats have started restoring an old bronco...with a lot of help and supervision 
from Tom's buddy, T.K. McNeil (who owns a body shop and restores all things mechanical).  All of Tom's dreams have started coming true since T.K. moved into our neighborhood.  
He now has his own car sensei and matching coveralls with Ike.  
 You think you know your husband and then a car mechanic side of him pops out 
around the 20 year mark.  He knows how to keep things exciting and fresh.

Just a couple of years ago, he could barely reach the pedals. 
 I would be really sad that he is growing up at light speed, 
but he just keeps getting more and more fun.

This little furry beast has bewitched us all.  He keeps me company on my errands.

My girls auditioned for the high school's musical, Oklahoma.
Meg is Kate and Summer is playing the lead, Laurie.  
I love that they are in it together before Summer graduates.
We are all looking forward to the performances in April.

Cole is loving his Brazilian people and serving as a missionary.  
In February, he had to say goodbye
to Botucatu and is now headed to a bigger city, Piracicaba. 
He will miss the cool breezes that come through that city at night. 

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