This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



For Spring Break we headed to Carlsbad for a few days.

 I have no idea what was up with the sand this year.  It was very dark and ominous looking.
However, that didn't stop these guys from playing in it like they were little again.  We loved that my nephew Rock could sneak away from college and join us for a couple of days.

We also loved having Ike's good friend, Alex put up with us for a few days.

Summer still has some left over tennis and badminton skills.

I love that my bee keeper doesn't take any chances with the sun after having
 melanoma removed so close to his eye.
He was dangerously close to becoming
a one-eyed pirate.

We decided that we would brave the crowds at Disneyland ...but just for one day.

They still want to find out their animal totems.  

Our favorite lunch spot and place to rest our tired feet is the Golden Horeshoe.
My brother in law Mark and Meg got called up for the entertainment. 

I am not sure Splash Mountain was worth the 2 hour wait in the heat.
We were still trying to figure out the Fast Pass thing. 

Our church youth did a Temple Walk to the Gilbert temple.  
It was about 13 miles and they were able to follow the canals most of the way.

One of four pit stops where they could rest, drink, have a snack and hear a short thought.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Lake house.
One would list this egg hunt in the extreme category.
Most of the eggs were hidden in the lake this year.

Kayaks and paddle boards were required

Our church youth had a weekend retreat up in the mountains.
The theme was #BetheOne.

Meg showing how fearless she can be.

 A lot of team building activities