This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



Scattered Highlights of February

This guy turned 17.  
He is still golden in my eyes.

I just  have about 18 months until he flies the nest....makes me teary.
So Tom and I are making a list of the things we want to
experience together as a family before his departure.

We had a little celebration with some of his best buddies.

I really like these kids and am so grateful for the good influence they have had on Cole.

This motley crew won our church basketball tournament.  
Goof balls but talented.

Unusual weather

 We actually had a short snowfall...big big deal here.
Everyone was out of their houses and enjoying it in the street.
I think I can count on one hand the times it has snowed in my lifetime.

I couldn't capture the snow falling very well but I did grab a shot of the 
double rainbow that lit up the sky.
I think rainbows are amazing.

Isaac was asked to host the Bishop's single sisters dinner again.  
He really wanted to get a suit and find some good jokes to tell.
We found the suit and went to his grandpa for some jokes. 
My father-in-law is a talented joke teller. 

Getting back to Cole...

Cole went on a rodeo date with some of his cousins.
It was held down at a farm in Lehi.
They set up a few (highly entertaining) competitions.

 Cole took Kate Clifford and she was an A+ competitor

 This poor goat had some $ mula strapped to his back....

 and then the wolves were let loose.

there was also a chicken thrown in the mix

Egg toss


 You were a great sport Kate..and now you smell like yolk.

This poor, greased-up, squealing pig was the finale.
I have never heard a pig protest more loudly.  It was sad and funny all at the same time. 

(Note: no animals were harmed during this date)

My father-in-law was diagnosed with acute leukemia in February.
It was a hard diagnosis for the family to hear.  We love this man so much.
This picture was taken on February 19, a day I will never forget.
 I came over to the house in the morning to record him 
for a video we were doing for Azbrainfood.   
He was back in his room throwing up when I arrived. 
 His health and strength had been rapidly declining.
I kept my laptop and microphone packed up and just planned to do it another day.
Next thing I know he is shuffling down the hall--ready to do what we had planned.
He read a quote by Teddy Roosevelt entitled "The Man in the Arena" perfectly. 
I realized my computer had not recorded it.  
We tried again.  
He read it perfectly- 
 the recording prematurely stopped AGAIN.
I was sick.  
I said a little prayer, restarted my computer program and he happily began for the third time.
It worked and I am so grateful.

The teenagers had Mama's Manners Night  planned for the end of February, 
 but with Papa so sick, they just came over for a short visit.
Anita and Ross both shared their testimonies and they all sang a couple of songs together.
This night marked the last week they would have with their Papa.