This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Polar Plunge

For the past 5 years we have held a Polar Bear Plunge on January 1.
I did these growing up.
My dad loved to provide a good challenge for us kids to do.
This was a more mild one.

Here were the stats for Jan. 1 2013:
The pool was 46 degrees and the weather outside was 56 degrees.
Just enough of a bite to it.

This year the Shills and Tingeys returned once again for another plunge
 and we had two rookie families join us-
My brothers Clint and Adam.

My niece Adlee's face demonstrates how fun this can be.

Kate realized that the idea of the plunge was a lot more fun than the reality of the plunge.
Clint had to give her a little pep talk. 

Whatever Clint told her...worked

Lots of different ways to make an entrance.
Personally, the pencil dive would be my last choice.

I am not sure what type of dive this is...stumble/trip into the pool?

I love this goof-ball brother of mine.  
He and his family are moving back to Az in a few months
and they are going to live just a stone's throw away.  

Clint's dive is a bit more graceful than the others....but that's Clint for ya.
If Physical Therapy doesn't work out -- he could possibly go into competitive diving.

After they all jumped and swam across the pool, a 101 degree jacuzzi was waiting for them.
This little warm luxury was not part of my childhood polar bear plunges.  
We just got a towel and the shivers.

These two weirdos didn't get enough the first time around...

Once everyone assured little Josh that we thought his underwear was really just a Cars' swimsuit,
he took the non-swimmer dip.

Adam's kids are very adaptable.
No swimsuit--no problem.