This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



Wow, where has time gone?  January is already behind us
 and I am still trying to remember to write 2013 and keep up with my goal to post monthly.
Sorry to the one person that gives a hoot....Isaac. 

After the Polar Plunge, we had a really cold snap for about a week.  It was brrrrr.

We rounded up every sheet, towel, pillowcase in the house and covered our
backyard plants.  I still don't understand how a sheet can save them.
Crossing my fingers they make it through.

But then we had our beloved sun back.
Beloved in the winter and Evil in the summer.

Ike is usually sitting at the kitchen counter, table or desk creating something. 
Right now it is drawing.   
The only help I can provide for this budding talent is 
paper, pencils and to search out images on the internet for him to draw.
 I can't get a stick figure to look right.

My mom found a great drawing app (Paper53)  that these two love.

We have been trying to get to as many high school basketball games
 to support our nephews Rock and Luke.  
All this exciting high school play has rubbed off on Ike.  

All the coaxing from Tom didn't get him to go out and shoot ...
it just took watching his big cousins play.

There is a new intensity and determination in this kid.
He no longer feels like it is unfair or rude to steal the ball from his opponent.

Eye of the Tiger

On another court.....

Meg is right in the thick of club volleyball season.

We aren't winning a lot of games and that is not easy for this competitive player.

However, Meg is improving, she has her jump serve, 
and is learning how to be a good teammate...even when you keep losing.    

 Cole is always recruiting family members to join in the Ab ripper.

I should, but I don't

 This month, Ike reached his goal of 32 push-ups.

Summer has been working at her tennis game, 5 days a week, to get ready 
for high school try-outs.  She won't let me include photos of this effort.
She took a few lessons when she was young but then we took a 3 year volleyball detour.   
Tom and I will miss her volleyball games but if she loves tennis--so do we.

She is also finishing up a couple of projects to earn her YW medallion in Personal Progress. 
The fact that she wants to get her driver's permit in March may have something to do with this.
One of her 10 hour projects is to index genealogy records

To wrap it up I have to mention a big change

I was released as YW President.
I have loved and learned so much from these wonderful girls for the past 3 years. 
Such fun memories with the girls and the women I served with.   
They surprised me with a good-bye visit and a book they made for me.  
Tender moment for me to see them all standing at my door.