This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Jack's Egg Hunt

Grandpa Jack always throws a wing- dinger Egg Hunt the day before Easter.
A couple weeks prior--there is a contest held for the best theme, song, and poem about the hunt.
Jack is the master of hype.
The only requirement, for the contest, is that it rhyme with the year. 
 This year was tricky with it being 2012.  
The newlyweds, Chad and Carissa, were champions in the poetry category.  
I can't remember it exactly but it had to do with the Aztec calendar and the end of the world. 
They will do anything for a little extra money.  

My mom just takes in all in stride and
 reminds Jack to stop pushing the siren button on his mega phone

After a sufficient amount of hype is achieved--
the hunt begins.  
Youngest to oldest are released in stages.

After all the trees and bushes are searched, 
Jack announces the vicinity where the $20 egg is buried.

All dignity is lost

At the conclusion of the hunt is a pool dive.

Lucky britches got a $20 egg

I love this tradition and appreciate the effort that is made to bring us all together.
It was a beautiful day.
My mother's roses were in bloom all over the yard. 

Even Granny Gucci made it another year....a little senile but still cute with that under- bite of hers.

Unfortunately, Ike was sick and missed the whole darn thing.

Grandpa Jack and Nana felt so badly they took him for shaved ice a couple days later.