This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Ike's Last Day of School

Every Friday morning , all school year long,
 Grandpa Jack took Ike and his cousin Ava to breakfast before dropping them off at school.
Ike looked forward to it like you can't believe.
There was a dance made for it and code names assigned.

I was asked to come along on their last B. T. Q. T  "Breakfast Time at Quick Trip"
and document their weekly tradition....since it was the last day of school.
I made a video of it, but I did happen to snap a few pictures too.

Ava's little sis, Sophie, was invited along for the last trip

Ike was quite lively.   
I had to check myself and remember that I was 
along for the ride and was not invited to play the role of mom on this excursion.
The breakfast of champions begins with a chocolate milk...the perfect compliment to the chorizo breakfast burrito......followed by a foot- long doughnut to top it off.

I am masking my internal freak-out with a smile.

This is Quick Trip manager, Tony--looking into the bright 7:30 a.m. sun.
 He was a good sport to come out and visit
while they ate their breakfast outside on the curb.  

He fainted because the breakfast burrito was just that good. 
 I was told this is part of the ritual.

(Grandpa Jack makes me want to be more fun and relaxed)

After their curbside breakfast...

Grandpa Jack then drops them off at school
 and back to reality.

Ike's first grade teacher, Mrs. Paguia.
  She was full of spunk and made learning fun.
I think Ike will be able to put her in his pocket by next year.
She was a  cute little petite Hawaiin thing.
I really appreciate that she emphasized appreciation for the little things.
She helped the children realize that knowledge is a her for that.

Despite the frying -pan like heat, these kids had fun playing games outside for their end of the year party.

This game was simple and everyone had fun.  
Perfect game for this age....wish I had thought of this one before.

Tie a balloon around their ankle, set some boundaries, and then let them loose trying to pop the other's balloons, while protecting their own.  Winner gets a popsicle.

Just kidding, when it is this hot---popsicles all around!

Ike has a few cutie pies that wanted to get a picture with him.
Who could blame them with that toothy grin?
We think his big chicklets are adorable.

Can you pick out the one that was a little possessive of him?