This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Isaac's Day

All of my children had their little routines, but not quite as set as Isaac. The following are usually included in a typical day. He usually starts out the day by informing us what day it is and then asking for his "brefkist" breakfast. I am a little forlorn when the kids correct the words that they had messed up so cute.
Anticipation. Isaac loves to look forward to something. We couldn't talk enough about Christmas and squeeze any more enjoyment out of that holiday. However, when it was over, that chapter was closed and it was onto the next holiday or event. He didn't want to see any Christmas lingering around. It bugs him that we still don't have our outside Christmas lights down. Our current focus and conversations involve our upcoming Disneyland trip. He really could discuss what ride we will take first, how many more sleeps until we leave, and which characters we may see all day, if I indulged him. Just ask him and he'll tell you what holiday, birthday, vacation comes next and in what order they follow.

Drawing.This easle was a Christmas gift for Meg, immediately confiscated by Isaac. He draws on it throughout the day. He is constantly asking "What do you want me to draw?" He also loves to get into his stash of paper, sharpen his pencil and sit down to write his handful of 3-4 letter words. Tom and I get a lot of love letters placed by our bedside. He loves to draw hearts.

Tigers Milk. There is always one or two consumed in a day. Nobody likes them, so he has his own little stash in the cupboard. I am sure I will miss the sound of the cupboard shutting and the crinkle of the wrapper, one day.

Ice Water. He drinks like a fish, but it must have ice in it or he'll think "its old" and not drink it.

In Character. He is in character for most of the day. He prefers the black spiderman to the red one because it's bad. Should I be concerned? It all started with wanting to be his cousin Bret and then onto several others: Jack Sparrow, a Wizard, Santa Clause, Handyman. He begged me to find him a miniature Santa costume at Christmas. He just wanted to go ho hoing and ask everyone what they wanted for Christmas.

Loves to work. I hope this one lasts and he doesn't burn out too early in life. He loves to have jobs. When he was 3 he would take the laundry out of the washer and put it in the dryer and start it all on his own. I tried not to be too grumpy when he would dry the dirty clothes. He loves to get our little floor sweeper out and take it all over the house. And yes, I know where he gets it. I was a pretty obsessive clean freak child. There is one chore that Ike will try to get out of and that is picking up rotting grapefruit. He is supposed to help pick up pine cones and grapefruit, but he negotiates out of the grapefruit everytime.

Time with Cole Isaac needs his "Cole-fix." He absolutely adores and wants to be just like his brother. He wants ice in his milk, to go shirtless to bed, join in the daily push-ups and sit-ups. All to be just like Cole. You can get him to do anything if you preface it with "Cole does this or likes this or would do this." You can't blame him, Cole is incredibly good to him.

Bedtime Stories. If we don't get a story told, then we will "talk about" something. He always holds out both hands with all ten fingers and says "lets talk about 10 things." I negotiate it down to about 1-2 things. The subject is usually the upcoming holiday or event. Right now it is Disneyland. I really am about to pull my hair out with all this Disney talk, but I usually consent to just a minute more of it before I can push the off button on this energetic guy. After the talk or story, then we say prayers and then do "waves" with his blanket. He always thanks me for a "good tuck in and I hope you sleep good Mom." That is why I keep it up. I'll do about anything if appreciation is thrown my way.