This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



July, in Arizona, means that you try to get the heck out of the Dodge.
So, the first of July we headed to Utah.

Dropped these two hooligans off to EFY and they had the time of their lives.

...and these two cousins at Basketball Camp

Celebrating a big win
I love this age of boy.

Ike couldn't wait for Cole to show up.  Happy Reunion.

Celebrated the 4th at Stadium of Fire in Provo

Hi Carrie!
Tom thought that she kept making eye contact and waving at him.
I am sure that was the case.

We rented a home in Sundance
We have had great luck finding places to stay on VRBO. 

When he acted up, we put him in his cage.

The grounds were beautiful, a lot of attention to detail.
A group of turkeys were hanging out in the yard all weekend.

We invited the college kids up for a barbecue and games

What an exciting time in life for these guys.  

Horseback ride to Stewart Falls

We got home from Utah just in time to welcome our niece, Paige Tingey, 
home from Quezon City, Philippines.   

On July 9th, Summer was off to Bolivia.
Last summer, we found out about this great program 
called HEFY (Humanitarian Especially For Youth)
 that sends kids 16 and older to do humanitarian work in 10 different countries.  
It is 16 days long.
They get to see some of the country, experience the culture 
by visiting with local youth and families and teach English at an elementary school. 
They spend the majority of the time
helping to build a school by digging trenches, 
mixing and pouring concrete and laying brick.

Summer's group flew into La Paz and then took a 3 hour bus ride to Lake Titicaca.

This is the hike to their hostel.

Knowing that she would be with her cute cousin, Joanna, made all the difference.

Macy Burkinshaw and Summer met and became fast friends.

They went to the temple in Cochabamba

When she came home, she shared some of the
things that she learned during her experience.  She was beaming.
She had received some great advice from the Bolivian humanitarian director.
Obedience is the price and Happiness is the result
I am so grateful that she had such a great experience and leaders.

Ike turned 11
I really don't want this child to keep growing up.  

On his birthday eve, we celebrated with the Oklands
 and went to his favorite restaurant and then played laser tag, well the kids did.

His birthday fell on a Sunday
 so he got to open his birthday gifts before church. 
It is all about basketball right now. 

A birthday would not be complete without a visit from the littles.

The highly anticipated Bunker/Stapley trip to Hawaii was at the end of July.
My mom and Jack rented a beautiful home that could comfortably house all 11 couples. 

The Rip-Curl house sits right by Pipeline on Sunset Beach.
If you surf, that means something come November.

We had this wide open beach to ourselves.
I have never been to a beach this quiet, clean and empty.

Tom threw out the suggestion to skydive and most "jumped" at the idea.
Peer pressure still works.

A bit of nervous energy waiting for the call to get suited up.
I get thirsty when I'm nervous.

The wedgie contraptions, the only unfortunate part of this experience.

Practicing our screams.
You are encouraged to scream on your free fall so that
 you don't forget to breathe and then pass out. 

Putting on our 
"I am fun and brave" face

This was our view

Tom loved it so much he went the next day.....

...and so did my fearless mom.  

Pure exhilaration.  
The free fall was the best part.  You don't feel the drop, just the rush of flying.

My jumper thought that it would be cool to do some spins before we landed.
He didn't realize what a wussy stomach I have.
Tom took one look at my green face and
suggested a bit of fresh air.

My sister Bridgette and her family live on Oahu.  They just had their second baby, Lewis. 
 It was so fun to love on him for a few days.  He is perfect.
Corey just graduated from BYU Hawaii and was offered a teaching job there so they are trying to decide if they will stay or come back to AZ.  

 Aryn found the perfect way to nap

Tom and I cut our trip short because Summer was coming home from Bolivia.

Ike is still running his "Sport Rubs" business.  
Brad Tanner scheduled a date night with him.
 Ike had slow jazz playing and candles lit all around the room.
This kid cracks me up.  He keeps things interesting.

Brad paid for the sports rub with a Brazil jersey.  
Ike was thrilled and wore it proudly the next day.