This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



This is the month of 
Musical Theater

For 2 weeks, we have a house full of very excited thespians.

Meg's support crew

Me and the girls went to watch our little Scarlet Bunker in her dance recital.  
She is so yummy.

This little darling is my cousin Blake and Mickelle's.
We were so lucky to have them live close by.

Tie and Ice cream
with Friends
Quinn, Austin, Smith, Luke, Nate, and Cole

(Here is the gang just my mind)

Thank you to the Shills for hosting 

They sang "How Can I Be?" 
a song that we learned years ago from our nephew Adam Ashby

Each of the boys shared their testimony.
It was a tender night.

Exchanged ties.  
The Shills always give the missionary a tie that is embroidered with
"We Prayed For You Today"

World Cup Mania
We all became instant soccer fans when Cole got his mission call to Brazil.  

Monkey see, monkey do.  
Watching these two through the years has been something else.
Despite the 7 year span, they share such a special bond.  

 Isaac and I drove Cole up to BYU and helped him move into his dorm.

This was a tough goodbye for these two.

I kept reminding myself that we would see him in a couple of weeks for the 4th of July
and I was just so excited for him to experience the college dorm life.  

We celebrated my amazing mother-in-law's 
birthday at the end of June.  
The longer I know her,
 the more I deeply love and admire her.
I was asked to put together a video for her birthday party. 
I am so glad that Bonnie came up with this idea of having everyone
write a word or phrase that reminds them of her.  I think it was the perfect way to honor her.
Here is the video

Her birthday was a 2- day celebration.  
On the first day we attended a temple session together.

That night we held a dinner and program in her honor.
The room was decorated with life-size photos. 

The theme for the night was the "purple couch."  
This chaise lounge sat in her master bedroom with the 
picture of the lilacs hanging above for 40 + years.
This represented love and comfort to 12 children that
 would come in and lay on the cushioned seat if they were scared or sick at night.  
There are a lot of memories connected to it.

The birthday cake

My mother in law always requests that her daughters sing.
They came up with a fun one.

 My nephew Freddie sang Anita's favorite song 
"Amazing Grace" accompanied by Sherri.
His rendition is my favorite.  
You can find it on iTunes.

For her birthday gift, we all pitched in to get her this 
original artwork by Annie Henrie entitled "Turning the Hearts."
It reflects her life so well.

The following morning the youngest grand
 and great-grandchildren had storytelling time 
with Bil Lepp.  He is the self-proclaimed Biggest Liar.
All my kids have gone to bed listening to his stories.

The next morning, we headed down to The Summit ( a memory care home )
to celebrate her birthday with the sweet residents that live there.
The kids sang a few songs and wore their 
Farnsworth t-shirts that Ruth had made for the birthday celebration.

They shook hands with the audience as they sang "Getting to Know You."

This man was nice to shake Meg's hand,
 she had just got denied and told to go away by another.

 They gave Anita a special birthday hat to wear

One of the residents made her a beautiful birthday card 

To conclude the birthday celebration, we had a game night with just adults.
We played a fun game with dice and hats called 
Come on 6. 
This was our version
Each table has one obnoxious hat, one di and each person has a piece of paper and pencil. 
We had 8 at each table. 
The goal is to roll a 6. You take turns rolling the dice until somebody rolls a 6. If you get a 6, you have to grab the hat, put it on and start writing numbers 1-100 as fast as you can. 
 The di is still passed around clock-wise.
As soon as the next person rolls a 6, you have to stop and give them the hat so they can start writing.
The first person to 100-screams it out and the round ends.
You can determine how many rounds you want to play. 
 The winner is determined by adding up the total reached after each round. 
I hope that made sense. 
It was a riot and got very loud!