This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


NYC - Manhattan

Our first adventure in this amazing city was a harbor cruise to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Nate, Joanna, and Grace Gurr

It was a bit windy and then the rain started but we didn't mind. 
New Trade Center Tower

Showing that the tip was covered in clouds

And then there she was...

I was glad I was wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day, 
because this sight brought out a few tears. 
I just couldn't help but think of the millions of immigrants entering into
the harbor and seeing this beautiful symbol of freedom and opportunity.
Thank you to France for such an awesome gift.

I think the word that best describes the rest of the trip was
We scurried from sight to sight, maneuvering between crowds and traffic, usually 
following Tom single file with me as the caboose, making sure we didn't leave anyone behind -especially Isaac.  I kept quizzing him on what to do if he got lost from us.  He was to find 
an older lady and ask to borrow her cell phone and call us immediately.   

Ruth the cooperator and Bonnie the stinker 

Wall Street

Pretending to hail a cab, good job Ike.

 We stopped by the Cake Boss cafe for a cupcake and hot chocolate.  
I don't know the show but this is Lisa (sister to Cake Boss) and she asked if we wanted
to get a picture with her ...of course. 

Oh and we did see Orlando Bloom on the street...kinda fun, but I always feel silly trying to get a photo so this is as good as it got.   

Scurrying can be exhausting

Later that night we saw "Newsies" and it was so good.

The next day we were geared up to experience Central Park on bikes.
This was the highlight of New York for me.

We hired this nice Moroccan as our guide (can't remember his name)
and then after we rented all the bikes and were ready to go, he told us that he can't ride a bike.
So,  he asked to ride a tandem bike with Tom.  I was dying.
I am cracking up just writing this.
 Tom is so nice.  Sometimes I think he is too nice,
 but then maybe I am not nice enough.

It was the perfect day. 
 If I am ever having a tough day, I am going to go back to 
our bike ride through Central Park...a happy place.

We took a lot of breaks to look around.

Summer and Luke couldn't resist photo bombing this school group

He may not be able to ride a bike but he sure can jump in a picture.

Not long after we began our ride, Cole got a flat tire and our Moroccan friend shrugged and told him to just keep riding, it will fine.  Well, it was loud and we got a lot of head turns to see what that annoying screeching was.  Cole got a good work-out and a lot of attention that day.

                   If I ever get back to NY, and I hope I do, I want to stay right by Central Park. 

We really wanted to show our kids St. Patrick's cathedral.  It was a little disappointing to
see it covered in scaffolding on the interior and exterior but it is still pretty jaw-dropping.

On our last day we attended church in the Manhattan 1st Ward.
The church and the temple share the same building.

That evening we flew out of JFK and got home just before midnight. 
 The kids did not want to go back to the reality of school but such is life.  
We had a great week and created a lot of fun memories.
I am already wanting to plan another trip somewhere.  I love having a trip to look forward to.