This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Niagara Falls

Left to Right Back Row:  Bonnie Shill, Spencer Gurr, Anita, Mike and Carol Tingey, Jill Geigle, Jacob Wood, Lori and Mike Wood, Chad Coon, Cozi Shill, Sherri Gurr, Sophie Collins, Annie Ashby, Summer and Meg, Mark Shill, Luke Shill, Tom, Cole, Mckay Anderson, Pete Geigle
Front Row: Travis Tingey, Abe Geigle, James Anderson, Maryanne Wood, Max Wood, Rebecca Wood, Tessa Geigle, Grace Gurr, Ike, Nate Gurr, Coco Tingey, Ruth Collins, Melissa, Blake Tingey, Grant Gurr, Joanna Gurr, Janie Geigle, Beth Coons, Lizzy Wood, and Daniel Wood.
We began our week long journey in Buffalo, NY.  
Monday morning all 42 of us loaded onto a chartered bus with our
hosts Paul and Dawn Schween and a great bus driver, Duane. 
For the bus ride, Anita assigned a short devotional each morning and evening.
We had a song, prayer and short thought in the morning and
discussed our favorite highlights in the evening.  
We also had a short introduction to what we would be seeing that day with
some fun trivia facts.  

First stop for the fun bus was Niagra Falls.  
 When we pulled up to the border, the Canadian official walked onto our bus, asked us if we all had passports, wanted some of our treats, and then called it good.  That saved us about an hour.
It is a lot different leaving the U.S. than entering it.
I think Customs didn't want this traveling zoo entering the building.  Wise decision.

This was our first good look at the American Falls from the bus.

The first of many lines for this herd.
It felt like we were at Disneyland.
"No touching, screaming, or bugging your neighbor" rule was in force.

Being from the desert, we were impressed with the beautiful fall colors. 

And we were quite impressed with the fancy-looking dark squirrels.  

Top of the Horseshoe Falls.
I couldn't get a picture of one below or I wouldn't have a functioning camera.
It felt like we were in a hurricane at the base of the falls.  Incredible how powerful water can be.

The Niagra River which empties Lake Erie into Lake Ontario