This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



We look forward to our church's 
General Conference held twice a year...first weekend of October and April.
It feels like a holiday.  
Instead of heading out to church, we enjoy hearing from the leaders of our church 
broadcast over the television on Saturday and Sunday.
As Ike put it "Yay, church on the couch!"

My kids wanted to invite some family over for a brunch between the two sessions...they love to host.

Landon   Griffy  Molly

Landon brought his yummy cinnamon rolls over.
He makes them only on conference weekends...and they are delish!

Parker (our nephew) and sweet 'lil Tillman

"Hey everyone look here real quick."
Luke and Cole were being stinkers.

Here sits a man we all love dearly.  He turns 80 this year.
He is the father of 12 children and 63-4'd think I would remember 
the right number and I am too lazy to figure it out right now so there.

My kids love the makes us happy when the "littles" come over.

 Molly was telling us about this great video that we all needed to watch.
Check it out here

 Before our guests left...we had to have a quick game of 
"Around the World" ping-pong.

You hit your ball then go to the other side for your next hit.
You start out walking and then it turns into a run.  It requires a kind of coordination that
I run short on.
The last two players have to do a 360-spin before hitting their ball.  

After a big meal, playing with the babies, and ping-pong...

Back to watching some great messages of hope, faith, love,
and encouragement...

....with a little help to stay alert.