This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Summer Turns 14

This week Summer turned the big 14.
I truly hope that the next 14 years do not go so quickly.  
I have to shake off feeling a bit forlorn these days.... 
as I feel time escaping too quickly.
(I am sure my sister is tired of my running dialogue on this subject.)

One of the best things about teenagers is getting to know their friends and having them over.
This is really a fun stage to be in.

These girls did a first-rate job decorating her room...I think it took Summer a few days to clean it up.

We had a little birthday celebration with friends. 

Cole and his two buddies Jason and Robert manned the Italian sodas.

Here is their cheat sheet.....

I get my syrup flavorings at Smart and Final but you can also order them online.

From Partying to Work.....

Cole officially has a part-time job during school.  On the days he does not have volleyball practice,
he is the "yard guy" at Tom's office.  
He goes down about 2-3 times a week for a few hours.  
With working during the summers, he has earned a little more than half of his mission fund. 
Of course, with dating around the corner (February to be exact) he has a new motivation for earning $$

Cole has a very heavy load this school year.
 Here is one of many study groups. This particular one is for CP Chemistry..a sore subject around here. By reading his body language you can tell how happy he was that I was snapping photos. Needless to say, I won't bring out the camera again....I get it he is now in high school.

Meg was Captain of Communications at Mission Control for their Shuttle launch at school.

She was in her element, to say the least.
This child is not afraid to take charge.

Isaac runs in the wolf pack now.   
He seriously woke Tom and I up at the crack of dawn to pass off his bobcat badge.
He stood by my bedside, leaned over and began reciting the law of the pack, the motto, ..... something else...I was half asleep and don't remember.

 Isaac's first season of flag football began.
This is my kind of football.  No touchy--slam to the ground--- football.

Run, my baby, run!

So far my track record for getting up with the sun is nearly perfect.

I think watching the sun slowly appear over the horizon is good for the soul.
I just feel such a connection to my Savior when I see a sky like this.