This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



Yep, we left the valley.

We just got home from spending a week in the mountains with 
my sister-in-law, Carol, and her younger kids.

Tom and Cole stayed home to work.
(Cole is on a maintenance crew
 that does landscaping and clean up for rental properties. ) 

We found a small soccer camp that Ike and his cousin, Travis, could do in the morning.

They did the soccer "Cha Cha Slide" for the parent's on the last day.  
How did they know that this would be the perfect way for Ike to display his soccer skills?

My girls did a volleyball camp at the local high school, 
right next to where they were 
sheltering and feeding the evacuees from the Wallow Fire (the largest forest fire in Az's history)
 Carol wanted to find out if there was anyway to help.
The kids were all worried and praying for those affected.
There wasn't much that we could do at the shelter..... except get in the way.
 It was amazing to see so many people donating supplies, offering their horse trailers, hauling off loads of laundry to do, housing the elderly, and taking in people's pets.
The only way that they could use our help was with the evacuee's pets.

More specifically to help clean and care for the cats.

Yes, I said cats.

We followed one of the volunteers to a lady's home
 or should I say a cat hotel that the lady happened to live in too.
I learned all sorts of things about cats.

For instance, did you know they love to watch television and that they have favorite t.v. shows.
That is what we were told.

Meg:  "Mom,  I wish we were asked to help out dogs or horses, but I'll still help the cats."
We aren't really cat people, but we realize that
 they are people's pets and it was a small way to help out the situation.
 My nephew Spencer was the first to volunteer and 
then we found out that he is severely allergic to cats.
He supervised along with Carol and I.
 If I wasn't allergic before, I
think I am now.

Scooping out litter boxes...not one complaint or hesitation from these kids.

{Back to volleyball.}
This volleyball camp at Blueridge High School, in Pinetop, is great.
They teach the girls so many fun drills and games....highly recommend it.

I didn't even need my camera on this trip, the camera phone worked out pretty slick.

Notice that I don't have any pictures of Summer?
She forbade it and I obeyed.
(She was there and was doing great as setter)
 Meg became tight with Jahomy.  
She is from  Puerto Rico and just moved to Pinetop.

 She has a beautiful family that we invited over for ice cream,
so-so cookies (blaming it on altitude) and games....POp PoP POp. 

We were all wishing they lived closer.  We look forward to seeing them in July.

Jahomy and her brother Jaden on the far right

We missed having our dad and Cole with us.  
Ike texted Cole about a dozen times a day.  
True labor of love if you saw how long that took.

I have to watch this kid, he has started replying to my texts if I am not around.
If you have received a confusing reply from may be Ike.