This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


This Week

These are some of the highlights of this past week.
On Sunday, Cavan Cooley was born. We all can't wait to see him and get to know this little guy.

We had fun celebrating Isaac's birthday. He wanted a storm trooper costume, nacho libre costume, CTR ring, and an alarm clock. He thinks that when your a big kid, you have an alarm clock in your room. The picture with his CTR ring on, cracks me up. I asked him to show me his ring and this is the pose I got.

What would we do without Janet! She snapped these pictures while my kids were over having a "late night" at her house. Janet always takes fun to the next level. Why just sit and watch a musical, when you can be dressed up like the actors, singing and dancing along. We have watched this movie all week. Janet even loaned and dropped off her costumes, so we could enjoy them at home too.

Cole has perfected the "no bake" cookie. He usually makes a deal with Summer and Meg. He makes them and they clean up the mess. Both parties agree and are happy with the arrangement, .....for now. However, Cole's highlight this week was finishing the Book of Mormon. He started reading the last day of school and he finished it 57 days later. I will never forget that cute face coming in to tell me he had finished it.

The long awaited braces got put on this week. Summer has a great smile, but it is going to be even prettier in about 2 years. She has braved a sore mouth, full of canker sores since Tuesday.

These two love to fight and play mancala. Isaac likes to bug Meg and Meg likes to boss Isaac. You should hear these two play this game. I love playing this too, but I never can beat Meg or Ike. They have got their strategy perfected.

We always look forward to the missionaries, in our family, coming home. I love the anticipation of watching them come down the walkway and be absorbed by the welcoming mob of aunts, uncles, and cousins. We welcomed Sam Ashby home on Thursday. He served in Argentina. I am grateful for the strong examples these young men are to my kids. Welcome home Sam!

On a sad note, my 19 year old cousin Andrew Hall, passed away last Sunday. His funeral was today. It is so nice to see so many of my cousins, that made the trip to pay their respects. Andrew battled health problems his whole life, due to Cystic Fibrosis. He lost the battle last Sunday while fishing in Show Low with his Grandpa Hall. His family was so glad that he didn't have to pass away in a hospital. He was doing something he loved, with someone he loved very much.