This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



Meg and Summer were lucky enough to get cast in the MCC production of Secret Garden.  Their 
cousins Janie and Tessa were in it too.  Cute little Tessa had the lead and did such a great job.
I think the music in the Secret Garden is so beautiful and moving. 

We are so lucky to still have our fun loving,  Grandpa B around for another Veteran's Day.
He is almost 92 year old and served in World War II as a B-24 aerial navigator.  
It was a beautiful day to celebrate with lunch at the park.

He is always warm and friendly even when he doesn't remember exactly who is who.  
He does better one on one.   Big groups can be a little confusing for his memory.

Ike had a great season playing his first volleyball club season with Victory.
This was a great group of boys and an even greater coach.  

Meg and I shared another birthday.   Sorry Meg, it must get old sharing
 a birthday with your mom.  
She is slowly warming up to the idea of driving 
and we will see if we can get it before she turns 17.  
Meg is a joy.  I hear "Mom, how can I help you?" on a daily basis.  
She loves to discuss ideas, read, eat healthy, exercise hard, sing at the top of her voice in the
room and shower, bake, and to be of help to others.  She adds such a strength to our family.

I would pick these girls to be my friends if I were back in high school.
I love having them in our home or in the car because I enjoy their conversations so much.
They are all old souls that are trying to rise above the silliness that can come with high school.

For her birthday party we held a combined Laser Tag party with her cousin Pete.  
We call them the twins because they were born just a few minutes apart.    

Ike worked the Gilbert Turkey Trot crowd on Thanksgiving morning.
This race benefits Azbrainfood and the I Love Lucy project.  

Summer helped take orders for complimentary churros after the race, 
while Meg helped make them in the truck.

Love these Turks and Watts.

Met up with my brothers Chad and Clint and sister Bridgette. 
Chad and Carissa are moving here for one of his medical residencies.  Ya hoo!