This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



We kicked off July with a celebration for my beautiful mother-in-law's birthday.
We met at Organ Stop Pizza to party.

 A Cousin dance train...why not?

Don't you love when a high school graduate doesn't think he's too cool to dance.

To celebrate the 4th, we headed up to the cabin 
and got to hang out with our fun 
nephew Adam Ashby and his beautiful wife Vianca and baby Charly.
Ike brought up his friend Alex who fit right in- card trash talking and all.

Trying out our marshmallow shooters

As fun as marshmallows are,  BB guns and targets are more their speed.

I love that lizards and horny toads can still fascinate 

Tom brought up part of his arsenal of fireworks.
Glad we had an audience to enjoy the show.

The girls and I took another trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City.
If you love Shakespeare, theater or musicals this is the place for you.  
My girls were in heaven and I am learning to love what they love.

I signed us up for a behind the scenes tour of the shows.
We got to see how much work and coordination goes into running a show.

The highlight for the month was celebrating this kid turning 12.  
The first thing he opened was a package from Brazil filled with
some apparel and a portuguese Book of Mormon.

Cole also made a little video for him-
His favorite Brazilian family singing happy birthday to him...sideways.

Isaac was ordained a deacon.  This was a long awaited day.

We decided to celebrate at Top Golf since golf is hovering at the top of his list right now.
You can always count on monsoons and great lightning shows around his birthday.
He loves to hear the story about the night he
was born and the big storm we had to drive through to reach the hospital.

This was my attempt to get a group photo with a new app I have on my phone-
The idea is that I can remotely access my DSLR camera from my phone. 

The group was tiring of my attempts.

Isaac's first time in the temple

We had a great cousin group join in.  
This was also a chance to go with Luke (top right) before he left on his mission.

Celebrating with a Jamba afterward- Cheers!

Isaac also went up to BYU volleyball camp with these Farnsworth cousins.  
This was the night before check-in at cousin Mike's place.
I am sure they got plenty of sleep with this arrangement.

After vball, the Oklands picked him up for a weekend stay in Park City.
Not too shabby of a week for Ike.

While Ike was in Utah, Meggie was enjoying adventure in the great outdoors.
She attended AFY (Adventure for Youths)  in Idaho this year. 
Hiking, river rafting, ropes course, and a lot of team building excercises 
combined with gospel centered lessons.   

I had to steal some photos off the group's Facebook page.  

Meg went on this little adventure with her best friend Victoria.
She was gone for 10 days and I sure missed her but was so glad she didn't get homesick.
Meg has always battled a little bit of homesickness and she was a champ this time.

We love when the littles come over for a swim