This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



On Black Friday we got up early with some of the cousins and went to
  "Feed My Starving Children."  
This is such a great Christian organization that ships nutritional meals to needy countries.
There set-up is efficient and really fun to participate in.  
They play fun music and have a competition
with each station.   

This is Isaac's Lego Robotic team.  Ike looks like the big brother,
but they are all in the same grade.
For 3 months they work on programming a robot to perform specific tasks and then they compete
against other teams in a regional tournament. 

They did really well as rookies at their first tournament.  They scored in the top 10 and also learned
a few things to improve upon.  Overall, it was a great experience and Isaac will do it again next year.

We lucked out and received tickets for this year's 
 Christmas concert with the 
Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Santino Fontana and the Sesame Street Muppets. 
(Thanks to my sisters for entering the drawing to help my chances)
My girls are huge fans of Santino.
This was our first time staying in SLC around Christmas and I have to agree
with a woman I overheard in the hotel, 
"Those mormons sure know how to celebrate Christmas."
The lights, music, nativities, and light snowfall were a great way to get into the Christmas mood.

 Here we are at temple square with Red Riding Hood 

Best part of the evening, for me, was watching the organist and the Count 
perform the 12 days of Christmas. 

We met up with cousins Annie and Cozy.
Times like these, Ike sure misses having a brother around.

We see Brazil- we think of Cole.  

Winter Formal
Summer and Hudson

Simas Homecoming
I had the opportunity to takes some photos of Austin Simas returning home from his mission to Sweden.
We have been friends with the Simas family since college.  My claim to fame is that I was the first to get
baby Austin to giggle on one of our many date nights up at BYU.  He was such a darling baby and he grew up
to be such a good guy.  I loved seeing the anticipation of his return.  

This was a look into what heaven may be like.  Such a sweet reunion.

Christmas means a lot of family time, especially with my side.
I have a sister and brother that live out of state so this is the only time we are all together.

Nana's Nativity

This little lamb got fired after leaving the stage one too many times.  

Anticipating Santa's arrival at the end of the night.

Santa always brings pjs....

and all the moms matching robes.
I love my cheetah sistas.
Aryn, Kippy, Bridgette, Shelley, Me, Michele, Meghan, Mom, Carissa, Carlee. 

As much as I love a new cheetah robe, the very best part was skyping Cole.  
We got to have an hour with him.  He is so happy, healthy, and loving his life.
 He is currently serving in Pocos de Caldas, Brazil.

When Cole got a little emotional, 
this very helpful woman wiped his tears for him.

This was an hour of pure joy for all of us.  

Our Adult Post-Christmas party (with my siblings) is always a highlight.
We always have dinner, games and a themed gift exchange.
This year we played a dice game called Left-Right-Center. 

Meg had a great weekend in the snow with her friends.
I am so grateful for this great group of girls and their good influence on each other.

Our last hurrah all together was spent at Krazy Air. 

Sweet Elle (My brother Chad's little girl) spent an evening at our house.  
She wanted nothing to do with bedtime and 
  snuck down the stairs to "Dom."
This was a great way to close the holiday season.