This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



We live for our weekly emails from 
Elder Farnsworth from the Sao Paulo Missionary Training Center.

This is Cole's home for 6 weeks.
Unfortunately the computers don't allow him to upload the photos,
so we will have to wait to see his face in October,
when he will be living in Piracicaba.

Summer turned 17. 
Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year so we
had a few friends over that night for "Sundaes."  
She is all about music and theater right now so she got tickets to Cinderella.
Meg and Isaac went in together to buy her a huge book all about hit Broadway musicals.
Cole emailed her a list of 10 things he admires about her.  
That was a big deal to Summer.

Meg is setter and team captain on the Freshman Volleyball team.  
She had to learn this new position but works hard and is determined
to give it her all.  We love going to her games.

The headline news in September was the record breaking rainfall.  
It flooded the freeways, neighborhood streets and retention parks.  
I spotted a few of Cole's friends swimming in the park next to our house.
They were doing back flips out of the trees like monkeys.

My niece,  Joanna Gurr won Distinguished Young Women of Arizona.
(It used to be called Junior Miss pageant)
She received $5500 in college scholarship money.
She is one that truly shines in every way.

The one good thing about Cole 
leaving was that Meg finally got a cell phone.
She inherited his phone and number when he left. 

Grandpa Jack and Nana finished up the remodel of their Lakehouse and we have been
enjoying paddle boarding and boat rides on the small lake that there house sits on.

Faking It
We have been having trouble keeping our the front lawn looking green and healthy.
So we decided to put in the artificial green turf.  
No more planting winter rye, broken sprinkler heads, weeds, clover...

Obviously, Ike still has a lot of work cleaning up pine needles.

This month we had our two friends Theresa and Debbie (middle front row)
over for dinner and to be taught by the missionaries.
 Debbie is a patient of Dr. Hatfield and has been seeing Tom for physical therapy.
So we invited the Hatfield family over too.
 A few weeks ago, Debbie asked Tom during her appointment
if he wouldn't mind teaching her more about his Mormon faith.
She shared with us how scared she was to even ask him,
fearing that she would offend him.
Tom happily invited her over and then Debbie remarked that her friend,
Theresa, was also interested in learning more after
 watching the Easter pageant in the spring.
 Tom told her the more the merrier and to bring her along.
It was a great night, learning about their individual stories
and faith and sharing our beliefs
 and what brings us the greatest happiness.
I think the thing that stood out the most for me was
the incredible feeling of love that was there as we sat around
 the table sharing our personal
beliefs about faith, happiness, hope and our love for the Savior.

Summer is a member of Premiere choir at school.
They had their first jazz concert.
She did not want to sing a solo but her director insisted
and I am so glad he pushed her.
She did great and I love seeing my kids have to stretch.

Flag football season is on.
Ike was so nervous before the first game.  He is on a really good team and
was feeling like he may not be able to contribute.
When he made this interception, he was a changed little man.
He suddenly found his groove again.

Summer went to Homecoming with Tanner Campbell.
The poor guy had to wear the biggest bootineer I have ever seen.
It was bigger than my hand. 
 He was a good sport and actually wore that small plant on his lapel all night.

 The cousins at the dance. 
Luke, Coco, Summer, Cozi, Sophie and Brigham