This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



One of the big highlights in April was watching Summer
perform in the high school musical "Curtains."  
I had never heard of this musical.  I heard the director had to make some
modifications to make it more "family-friendly."  It turned out to be very entertaining.
There are some really talented high school students.

Summer loved every moment from auditions to the closing number.  

Las Vegas Volleyball Tournament
Mountain View was one of 3 Arizona high schools to participate in this invitational.
Our team all played so well and had some really great come-backs.

Big celebration after winning our last game and placing first in the
silver bracket.

Annual Saturday Easter Egg Hunt

We always look forward to this hyped-up tradition.
It is sad to think that this is our last egg hunt in our childhood home. 
 My mom and Jack have sold it and are moving this month.

Jack awarding this year's theme and poetry winners. 
(Yes, there is an egg hunt theme and poem submission)

Release the hounds!

Egg Dive Event

Captain of Ceremonies upon his throne

My Grandpa used to run big egg hunts for us kids and now he 
can just sit back and enjoy all the craziness from a safe distance.

We have had a lot of pizza making parties this spring.  
It is the perfect way for me to host a dinner because I don't have to cook.
Everyone is on their own.  

Missionaries are always some of our favorite dinner guests.  
They are always prompt, eat anything, and are easy to please.