This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



There is nothing more beautiful than a Happy Homecoming

My friend, Amy Kroff (a friend since junior high) asked me to

document Lola's homecoming.  She and her husband Paul have made 2 trips to Ethiopia 

to adopt this special girl.  On the second trip, they were able to bring her home.

It was so sweet to see how excited her new brothers and sister were to meet her.  

So much love.  It was touching.

It still puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

  There may be more posted on her blog here

Isaac and his friend Ryan, started a little business of making duct tape wallets.
As you can see by the leaning tower, they offer quite a variety.  
By far, the most popular one is the ASU wallet.  This is devil country.
Again, thank you to those that support this budding entrepreneur and his
latest business venture. 

Meg turned 14.  I can't believe our nutmeg is this old.
We share a birthday and this year she was 1-4 and I was 4-1.  

When the sky is so beautiful on the eve of your birthday, one must jump into it.

Since her aunt Janet is now back from Peru, we roped her into planning 
a birthday party.  She is the party guru.  If you need a good idea, you call Janet.
 Meg and her cousin Pete are referred to as the "twins" because they were born 2 minutes apart.
 So, we thought this would be a good time to do a combined party.

Meg brought 10 friends and Pete brought 10 friends so that we could pair them up for competitions

We drew out of jar for partners

Good practice for these 14 year old strangers to learn to talk and compete together.
The 14 year olds' communication skills need a little practice and prodding.

Each pair got matching bandannas

They did several competitions:
1. Darts
2. Ladder Ball
3.  Egg Toss
4.  Most creative cookie decorating
5.  50 piece puzzle 
They ended with a frisbee dodge ball game

 Some of the losers had to eat suicide buffalo wings

Thank you Janet and family for all the help in making this a memorable 14th birthday!

Ike has officially taken over all the mowing and trimming.  

After he gets his lawns done on Saturday morning, we head to his flag football games.  

I finally grew up and hosted my very first Thanksgiving 

I enlisted the help of these 3.  
For their Young Women 10 hour project, they helped me plan,
decorate, learn how to stuff and prepare a turkey, set-up and clean-up.

We had my my mom and Jack, my two brothers and their families, the missionaries and 
a couple of Tom's patients that did not have any family to celebrate with. 

My brother Adam and Carlee

Grandpa Jack and Nana

My brother Clint and Meghan

It was another beautiful Arizona Thanksgiving 

Jack held our traditional turtle race.  
He never forgets his trusty megaphone and official clipboard.

The neighbors got in on the action and things got a little physical...whether Cole wanted it or not.

Don't ask us what turtles have to do with Thanksgiving but
it is a fun tradition that we all love.